The founder for High quality Audio & Video life

Egreat home theatre system, bring you All-round ecstatic cinema experience.
Let you feel as in the scene of a movie story and experience the most impressive sound effects & visual technology.

Bring you an extraordinary movie experience

Egreat home theatre series products & services, take you into the movie story and enjoy the joy & fun of the film together.
Magnificent picture, poetic chapter and fascinating plot, which bring you a rich and wonderful movie world.

Innovative products & services to meet the diverse needs of users

We combine "professional local audio & video decoding" with "rich online streaming play" to meet the needs of the whole family.
We provide a variety of different functions, services, levels, prices of home theater entertainment system to meet all kinds of individualized requirements in all scenarios.


About Us

Long History, Enthusiasts’ Love

Egreat has devoted on enthusiastic Audio and Video Media Player developing and producing for more than 10 years. We always keep exploring high-quality enjoyment of AVWorld. Egreat has enjoyed high reputation with our innovative product design, super professional technology and good user experiences.

Variety of Products, High Reputation

Egreat is the ancestor of the innovative technologies, such as internal 3.5 inch HDD rack, external SATA interface, USB Slaver Port, the second firmware card. Egreat brand enjoys a high reputation in EU, North and South America, The Middle East, East South Asia etc markets.

Egreat Back, Keep Classic

As the brand with a long history in HDD Media Player industry, Egreat launches new models A10, A5with the strength design on software and hardware, which will continueEgreat brilliant history.

Extreme Graphics, Raw Passthrough

Strictly selected high-quality electronic component in A5 ensured astonishing visual and aural effects, the voice is clear and bright in high frequency, while thick and strong in low frequency.

Stable Software, Unique Hardware

Egreat has not only the rich technology accumulation on software and hardware, but also an excellent talent team, which makes the best HDD Media Players for millions of fans and users.

Users’ Experiences First

Our principle is that user’s Experiences come first. To create the real value and maintain the interests of our users. We always keep our initial mission!