4k UHD HDR Media Player w/ Dolby Vision

Discussion in 'Suggestions for Egreat' started by Iron_Mike, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. Iron_Mike

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    does Egreat have any plans for a 4k UHD HDR Media Player w/ Dolby Vision ? (similar to the capabilities of the M970x and M920x Oppo clones)

    if so, what is the timeline ?

  2. nenito2k

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    @Nice Monkey and @E_CS @Iron_Mike

    i just tested a DV movie just now...and all i get is black SCREEN via egreat...the device should read it as HDR10 right ?! what happens !? is there any setting i should change ? i tested everything....
    any clues @Movie78 and @Sledgehamma ?

    here is the mediainfo in case you wanna see

    Format : MPEG-4
    Profil du format : Base Media / Version 2
    Identifiant du codec : mp42 (isom/mp42/dby1)
    Taille du fichier : 31,7 Gio
    Durée : 4 h 2 min
    Type de débit global : Variable
    Débit global moyen : 18,7 Mb/s

    ID : 1
    Format : HEVC
    Format/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding
    Profil du format : Main 10@L5@Main
    HDR format : Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.05.06, BL+RPU
    Identifiant du codec : dvhe
    Identifiant du codec/Info : High Efficiency Video Coding with Dolby Vision
    Durée : 4 h 2 min
    Débit : 18,0 Mb/s
    Largeur : 3 840 pixels
    Hauteur : 2 160 pixels
    Format à l'écran : 16/9
    Type d'images/s : Constant
    Images par seconde : 23,976 (24000/1001) Im/s
    Espace de couleurs : YUV
    Sous-échantillonnage de la chrominance : 4:2:0
    Profondeur des couleurs : 10 bits
    Bits/(Pixel*Image) : 0.090
    Taille du flux : 30,4 Gio (96%)
    Bibliothèque utilisée : x265 3.4hy:[Linux][GCC 7.5.0][64 bit] 10bit
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  3. Nice Monkey

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    Yes DV BD's should play with HDR10, but DV MKV's/MP4's not. A BD should fall back to HDR10 even when HDR10+ is actually the second format.

    Funny I am actually right now testing DV <=> HDR10(+) switching with a Dune HD Real Vision player. Got this morning an Alpha FW version for trying that. ;)
    My review for the player is to be found on Futeko.

    Changed my dual brand setup from Egreat+Zidoo to Zidoo+Dune. My Egreat's A10+A11 got stored in their original boxes. A real pity as I actually liked them a lot.
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  4. nenito2k

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    will convert mp4 yo mkv then and see...

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