1. Werner cools

    Werner cools New Member

    Hi guys

    Made some upgrades on my a10.
    Thought i would share it with you guys.

    Always thought the unit was kind of loud when inserted some hdd.
    I made soft silicone feet in stead of the original hard plastic feet.
    Made some silicone gaskets that i placed between the hdd drive and the actual case.

    Added bitumen to isolate the case where possible.
    Also the top cover must be isolated.

    Replaced all the electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board and the main board with SILMIC II and Kaisei Audio Note caps.

    Hardly any sound anymore.
    Crisp image.
    Very deep, detailed wonderful sound.

    Every company puts crap in their units, including classé audio and such.
    I just tune all my devices including this little a10.

    Thought some of you guys might be interested.


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  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Interesting. Improvements to silence the box I do understand.

    Replacing capacitors for better video and sound I frankly don't. I don't argue the quality differences with capacitors but yes the effect of those.
    As long as they do their job it is fine for digital circuitry including the PSU. Only for analog circuitry the impact is direct. I presume you use (as I do) HDMI out for both Video and Audio. Only the Analog Output is a different story and may benefit directly from better components.
  3. Werner cools

    Werner cools New Member

    I do these upgrades with all my devices.
    Even simple Nintendo, sega consoled.
    Recently i bought a classé audio processor.
    I upgraded the caps in the unit but really important are the power supply capacitors as they feed the complete unit.
    I can tell you that the video and audio are quite better.
    The same for my power amplifiers, blu ray player and of course the egreat.
    Believe me,
    It has improved.


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