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    I looked online for info..but found nothing..what does this do?
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    Have the same question, what does it offer and how to use it? It also means a downgrade from beta, which comes with the question if it is going to be a standard feature integrated with all future FW's?

    There seems to exist a RS232 protocol allowing to send settings and HDMI-CEC/Remote-Control like commands via the RS232 interface. Two examples one from Philips and another one from Oppo.
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  4. Rita

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    This function is for the intelligent home control, please kindly have a view on youtube link.

    It is not easy for end user to do directly. Which need the professional team to setup and implement. Some home theater distributors need and can do this.

    The firmware will be separate from A10 standard firmware. :)
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    What I have seen from RS232 control is that it is meant for professional media IOT (Internet Of Things) deployments in (semi) public areas mainly. This justifying the extra RS232 cabling/controller provisions needed plus programming complexity associated with it. Some will appreciate such setup's but it is not a real relevant feature for most home users. For professional demo, entertainment, information and sales purposes on the other hand it has high potential.

    Personally by far prefer a good HDMI-CEC/Remote Control APP offering smart control of multiple connected media devices using the standard HDMI-CEC interface and Remote Controls already available. This is in contrary to RS232 smart control very relevant for the average home user.
    I hope some work can be done here too.
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  6. Rita

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    Yes,these already can be worked on Egreat A10, and even for our future item A11/12 can support this. But the setup process is complex, which need the professional team to build for the users. Which will be more like a project.
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    Where can we download the A10 RS232 Ver FW
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    As Rita already explained:
    They implemented RS232 for home automation. You can integrate it with solution from Creston for example. So you can program scenes for your home cinema where the lights and air-conditioning start (you can also set a temperature of course), curtain opens, beamer, player etc turn on. You can also add options for locking/opening doors, integrate cameras and in-house communication system. You can control everything with a tablet or with their remotes. It's way more advanced than Logitech Harmony for example and the possibilities are endless. It also gives feedback on contrast to IR based controls. I don't know how far Egreat implemented it, but it's also possible to integrate the movie poster wall into the Creston remote.
    So this is for professional home automation/integration rather than the average Joe setup.
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