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Discussion in 'Egreat A11 Firmware' started by Rita, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @wedgehog , who tells you Egreat gave up working on any more updates? Did you try V1.2.8.2 beta firmware?
  2. akanit

    akanit Member

    1282 not good for poster
  3. Hi rita i think @wedgehog wasn't saying egreat have given up literally he was just meaning it's has gone very quiet on the forums it would be nice to keep your customers in the loop whats going on at egreat about any progress on the new firmware are you working on the poster issue that v1.2.8.2 beta introduced what new things are you working what products ,come on egreat be the best thanks darren
  4. Saberus

    Saberus Member

    Oh Rita.. and in case you ask what poster issue? firmware v1.2.8.2 stopped flagging movies that are 4K.

  5. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Hi Rita, Hi Darren, you ok mate? Yes that's exactly what I meant, or in other words it has been so long with no one saying anything on this forum I feel like you have all lost interest at Egreat? Please tell me I am wrong?
  6. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    There are still issues members have made clear in the forum, sound sync problems, poster wall problems, requests for a zoom function the same or similar to the one in the XBMC player,
    Come on guys remind them of the other problems you are waiting on.
  7. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    I'm sure it's the opposite :)
  8. If you know something please tell the silence is deafening I would like egreat to say there working on the new firmware this is why people jump ship and I certainly will .zidoo will be having my money next
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  9. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    sorry I do not know anything but I'm positive
  10. egreator

    egreator New Member

    jumping ship and zidoo...that's exactly what I did....

    egreat's posterwall issue will certainly take some time to resolve (eventhough egreat doesn't like it when someone raises it)...I fear that they are dependent on fengtao software (aka dvdfab) and owner of vidon because that's the base of egreat's posterwall....and fengtao just radically changed it and have massive problems with it.
    come on...if you use egreats firmware and log into the posterwall web manager on port 32080 you even see the dvdfab logo...on your egreat...
    It's a pitty the A11 is hardware-wise a very interesting product. ..but interaction in the forum is honestly quite low...there's a lot of spam posted...captcha is outdated if you have lost your password...maybe it will be better...later. If zidoo x20 works as good as x10 with actual home theater 2.0 it will become difficult for an A11...
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  11. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    you can also downgrade in and wait for a fix.
  12. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Hi all,

    I think that the problem with the flags will be solved with the next FW.

    And you have to trust them, sometimes it's better to take time and have a good FW.

    see you
  13. hi oliver time for me is not the problem it's the lack of information example were on here talking about being kept in the picture about the firmware and nobody from egreat won't even just say yes were on to a new firmware it's not quite right just bare with us,the lack of information from a company who you are reliant on for firmware fixes is very poor to say the least, trust is a two way thing .
  14. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Reading eagreator's post above about logging on to the posterwall using that port number? I didn't even know this thing had a web interface!
    I typed in the IP of mine followed by that port number and now I have a screen with VIDON in the top left corner and it's asking me to log in with presumably an email and password, well of course I know my email but I don't remember ever setting up a password for anything? What do I do guys?
  15. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @wedgehog you never heard of zidoo ? use google !
  16. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Can't say I had, I am in the UK and I have never seen it mentioned before. Yes I did google, looks good but when I click on "Buy" it takes me to Amazon where it says it is unavailable?
  17. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    there are hundreds of reviews about ZIDOO online...but on their forum many complaints too...like all chinese boxes
  18. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Thanks nenito2k. Are you able to answer my question above, as in where do I set the password for the poster wall web access?
  19. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    hi all,

    Despite all the messages of people who are not happy with their egreat, i'll just say that for HD and UHD movies, the Egreat is the one that gives the best results, zidoo and zappiti have a lot of problems like stuttering with uhd movies or banding with 10Bit, etc....

    I use my Egreat with fw and i have no problem to watch my movies.

    No stuttering
    No banding
    Excellent PQ

    I use the Egreat to see the movies from my videotheque and it does his job

    Egreat is the one that communicates the most, you can forget zidoo, zappiti, etc ... zero communication

    We'll talk about the Dune when the first tests will be available...

    see you
  20. futeko.com

    futeko.com Administrator

    Egreat have the best picture quality, that's why we sell their products.

    They just need to improve the media library and get the bugs (HDR, VC-1 in later firmware etc) sorted out.

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