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  1. i searched the forum and found only one topic that says "sad day" today with you and another user having at it. The rest topics are about dvd iso or bd iso which do not concern me for now. I am having problems when i play mkv files and when i set the resolution to 4k 25Hz i have sutters and watermarks. But when i set it on 1080p 60Hz the playback is 90% really good. Any other suggestions without having to change the resolution every now and then.. (4K palyback is perfect)
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    @Rita Hello
    what for mockery?
    I have opened old series "breaking bad". At me subtitlings (sub.srt) to each series lie, and egreat A5 sees them but doesn't understand. (hieroglyphs shows) Where support of the Russian subtitlings?
    My TV and also the computer easily reproduces the Russian subtitlings and why egreat a5 can't cope with the Russian subtitlings? HOW SO? :(WHERE support of the Russian subtitlings:(???
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    Try changing the encoding in the settings, I have it so, by default it's worth UTF-8, and you try to put one of the Cyrillic ones there there are two kinds. Попробуйте кодировку поменять в настройках, так бывает с некоторыми сабами, вместо той что по умолчанию выбрать одну из Кириллиц их там две )
  4. I continue to experience great problems during playback. I set the display either to 4k or 1080p and there are watermarks in most parts of the movie. I have it connected to my tv with hdmi 2.0 not the one included in package . When I press info on my tv it shows 3900x 2160 Uhd and sometimes there is stuttering. Also when I open and shut down the player the display settings get lost what can I do ???
    Is there an administrator that can reply what is going on here I only get answers from users. Egreat come on it is getting ridiculous
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    never heard of watermarks in my life on any player....seen hundreds of movies/shows in 1080p; dunno what your problem is, but the Device is clearly not the culprit of these watermarks; also the resolution of 3900 is not a standard....so....
    just get back to an old FW and WAIT
  6. When I say watermarks it is not literal, is is like the black color or certain shadows even shudder movements seem like they are distorted , that is the best way I can explain it . Device is 100% the culprit because when I plug the hard drive to the tv directly the TVs native player works perfect !!! Instead of defending egreat all the time offer a solution , a solution not so simple and obvious. ( does your family own or work at egreat ? Because you find no fault whatsoever which the device ).
    Also I play the same content to a samsung full hd tv ( not 4k) and the result is excellent
  7. Studder not shudder bad spelling
  8. And decide you ask me why I bought the player instead of using the tvs native player is because of the audio decoding
  9. before not decide damn autocorrect
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    1- nikos, i was the one who opened the bugtracker thread, so no i don't thank egreat all the time, as i keep adding bugs and bugs.
    2- when you write a post, edit it, no need to write 1 or 2 words every time over and over again....
    3- post a picture of your problem, as no one else has it...then someone might help
    4- does the problem occur on egreat player and vidon in the same exact way?
  11. Thanks for the recommendations I cannot post picture because it needs video and I do not think the problem can be seen through the mobile phone video. I will try it in vidon player and tell you
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    был в разъездах,вот вернулся все работает -спасибо! (all thanks - I have understood)
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