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  1. Iron man

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    A8 Pro with new look supports Android 7 first, it is ready.:);)
    A8Pro-01压缩高清版.jpg A8Pro-02压缩高清版.jpg

    More pictures:
    A8 Pro-01 compact.jpg A8 Pro-02 compact.jpg A8 Pro-03 compact.jpg A8 Pro-04 compact.jpg A8 Pro-05 compact.jpg A8 Pro-06 compact.jpg A8 Pro-07 compact.jpg A8 Pro-08 compact.jpg
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  2. Nice Monkey

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  3. Gaia

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    Good news. Bad news: technical support 0,0.
  4. briguy65

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    Interesting, it has the Android 7, but in certain ways, it's less functional than the A10, although I never use the external SATA port that the A10 has. I want to say it has less internal storage as well, only 8 GB versus 16. In fact, the only thing that this new player has over the A10 is Android 7, as far as I can tell. I haven't checked line by line, just a quick perusal. Even if money is no object, meaning I could choose between players for free, if I could get the A10 with Android 7 I would prefer that. That said, the only problem I actually have with the A10 is the black bar bug on 2.40 aspect ratio rips of 4K movies. Otherwise I don't mind 5.1. I'm sure there may be other things as well but I haven't explored them well enough. Perhaps it would also entail greater compatibility with newer versions of certain APKs. Certainly, the remote doesn't seem to fully command versions of KODI that I've downloaded. That said, I get close to the same functionality with Vidon, although because Yahoo weather is down, it doesn't give me the weather any more, but that's not a big deal.

    Sorry, back on topic. I think the A8 pro looks really nice though. I think the door on the right side removes the need for a door like the A10 has, but it may cause people problems if they have the player in a rack, and it may be tricky to remove the hard drive without turning the player. The other is I couldn't find any USB 3.0 inputs on the A8, I could be wrong but that's what I see. Finally, the size of the internal hard drive is still limited to 8Tb. I'm guessing this player must still use the same SoC as the other older players. With everything going 4k now, it' may be important to be able to put as large a hard drive as possible into the player.
  5. Nice Monkey

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    A few points;
    - It is far cheaper than an A10 and some down-scaling should be acceptable. Functionally it is the same as an A10 (the PRO version that is). Only the standard A8 had no BD menu support included.
    - Yes 8 G flash is a point but still works fine on all players I have seen.
    - For me android 5 or 7 in not a point neither, but 7 is potentially more future proof for APP's.
    - I think too it has no USB3 ports which is another point but frankly USB2 should still just do the job too.
    - For Wi-Fi I see conflicting specifications but I suppose there is no 5 G included (only single band). I always use wired only for media players.
    - There is no 8 TByte HDD limit for any variable I am aware of and I think I know them all. After 2 TByte the next real HDD limit is at 32 TByte. This is just a folder spec and not a limitation. Just put in a 12 TByte HDD or bigger and it will work.

    Support? Wait and see I am afraid, who can tell?
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  6. E_CS

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    @Iron man
    As far not first player support Android 7, on SoC Hi3798MV200 are already Egreat A3 CN, Egreat A7 CN, Egreat A9-II CN running Android 7 for about half year ago.
    Good news is EN version and as all players base on SoC Hi3798MV200 will have DRM L1 from factory.

    LE: Egreat claim on Egreat A9-II V2 CN to have Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps start with firmware v2.3.2.8 Android 7.
  7. Eric The Viking

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    But Where is this A8 Plus not at the Beijing show that is on this week the A10,A11,A13, but no A8 pro Ermmmm:cool::cool::p
  8. Nice Monkey

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    The FW made available should be Android 7 based.
    But is already 3 months old, not a new release. Must be the original factory default.

    Apparently only the top models were shown at the Beijing show. There is a strong tendency trying to move up the chain by all brands.
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