After latest upgrade, Vidon xbmc won't work

Discussion in 'Functions Operation Guidance' started by Chris Saunders, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Chris Saunders

    Chris Saunders New Member

    Hi, I have an Egreat 13a and after the latest software update, the vidon xbmc app has simply stopped working. There were no problems before the upgrade, and none the first two or three days afterwards. Then, without warning, the addon stopped working. I'm asked if I want to keep on waiting for it to respond (which it never does), or close it.

    Anybody aware of a solution to this problem. Perhaps the app should be reinstalled, but how exactly is that done?

    Thanks for any advice and tips,

    Chris Saunders
  2. briguy65

    briguy65 Member

    What seems to help me is to unplug the player for about a minute and then restart it, although I have an A10 not A13.
  3. Chris Saunders

    Chris Saunders New Member

    Thanks, briguy65, I'll give it a try. Have you lost contact with Vidon xbmc yourself? I was just wondering whether it might not be a good idea to reset the whole device and re-install everything from scratch. What d'you think?

  4. Chris Saunders

    Chris Saunders New Member

    That didn't seem to work. I've uninstalled Vidon - but can't find out how to install it again. I'd use the native Egreat player, but it doesn't indicate how much of a track has been played and how much is left, and it doesn't tell y0u which track is playing on the main read-out.
  5. briguy65

    briguy65 Member

    There should be a thread in one of the other forums for like the A10 or A5 on how to find and reinstall Vidon. I have never uninstalled it, too scared. I completely understand why you don't like the native player, Vidon is more polished all the way around.

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