[Android 7 Beta]A5BD_EN_N_Firmware_20180814_v2.0.1.0beta.rar(2018-08-14 v2.0.1.0)

Discussion in 'Egreat A5 Firmware' started by Rita, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Sparkss

    Sparkss Member

    I suspect (hope) he is referring to Egreat, and not you.
  2. carat teraccio

    carat teraccio New Member

    absolutely no, sorry for the misunderstanding.
    I refer to egreat
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  3. carat teraccio

    carat teraccio New Member

    Yes exactly.
    sorry for my English
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  4. Hans

    Hans Active Member

    Hello All,

    Maybe a stupid question, but is there any news regarding a new Android 7 FW? I know, I am not checking this forum that much anymore. And if I look at the date, the last FW Android was 3 month ago and then nothing, which isn't really a surprise, but maybe I missed something in between.
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  5. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Hans have a look at the android 7 topic that is all...
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  6. Hans

    Hans Active Member


    I checked that one, but there is not that much to see. So there is no news regarding Android 7.

    Thank you nenito2k

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