[Android 7 Beta] A5BD_EN_N_Firmware_20190801_v2.5.0.2beta.rar

Discussion in 'Egreat A5 Firmware' started by Iron man, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    I am moving my A10 back to Android 5 as overall it is a better functional FW:
    - Audio problems
    - Remote needing long presses to work
    - No Wireless for WiFI or BT

    This with pain in my heart as I like Android 7 on it.
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  2. briguy65

    briguy65 Member

    Won't you run into the black bar bug again with 2.40 4k files? I know 16x9 files play just fine though. That said, I'm still on android 5 as well.
  3. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Yes Android 7 also solves a few things e.g. the black bar bug and video scaling in combination with HDR.

    Unfortunately mentioned problems caused by it make it unusable for me as an upgrade as is.
    Still hope these will get solved one day as Egreat for sure still is alive. But when who knows?
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  4. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    For all those still reading here: Have a Nice Christmas and a Prosperous 2020 :)
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  5. piotr

    piotr Member

    for those who like to EGREAT [​IMG]
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  6. Gaia

    Gaia Member

    How many years? 3? No one FW works well.
    Excellent performance.
  7. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    very few people are here now...over the last 2 years many have got another player and don't bother on this forum...anyway regarding ANDROID 7...i got a message from egreat...and no surprises...it won't be released in 2019...it will be next year and of course...still no date...so it could be march...june or even december 2020...
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  8. Sledgehamma

    Sledgehamma Active Member

    What a surprise :D:D:D
    Jan/Feb will be Chinese new years, so maybe in summer 2020?

    But seriously: How many people are working on the FW? Some random first semester student who works 2h a week?!
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