[Android 7 Beta] A8pro_BD_EN_Firmware_20190801_v2.5.0.2beta.rar

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    Warning: This Beta firmware upgrade will clear all the date of your media player, and may have some unknown problems. Please upgrade with caution.

    I. info
    [Android 7 Beta] A8pro_BD_EN_Firmware_20190801_v2.5.0.2beta.rar
    Download link: http://data.egreatworld.com/A8pro_BD_EN_Firmware_20190801_v2.5.0.2beta.rar

    II. Changelog
    Poster V3.0.6 upgrade:

    1. The poster wall function was upgraded to 3.0.
    2. Add the hard disk that has been loaded with posters for offline use.
    3. Add operation prompt text.
    4. Add the function of deleting posters.
    5. Add sorting function.
    6. Optimize and update local path loading logic.
    7. Optimize for direct loading of high-resolution posters.
    8. Optimize the backstage acquisition speed of poster data to improve user experience.
    9. Fix the problem of unplugging hard disk after adding local path as classification.
    10. Fix an issue where you might not be able to add network paths on Android7.
    11. Fix the disorder issue of the classification collection of local paths.
    12. Add AK83 remote control adaptation support.
    13. Add network disconnection and connection status prompts.
    14. Add Long press the "menu" button of remote control on the home page for 8 seconds to force switching 720P60Hz.
    15. Fix the login problem with GooglePlayStore.
    16. Preinstall Kodi and other common apps.
    17. Add the function of infrared IR on and off control separately.
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