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Discussion in 'A5 Professional 4K HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player.' started by Radoslaw Smetana, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. What is the expected release date of android firmware 7?
  2. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Our R&D team are working this, but we don' t have the date, yet. We will update the info once we have any news.

    1. All users know that our Egreat Player is not Hisilicon original player, which is 100% total our Egreat OWN player, 100% developed by our Egreat R&D team based on Hisilicon original SDK. Which is not like other Q models, just use Hisilicon original player. So maybe they just need do 1 step work, however, Egreat need do 100 even more steps works on our Egreat player.

    2. As all of you guys know, Egreat has nearly solved 99% bugs on Android 5 within this year, and our R&D team are still keep hard working to optimize all functions to make them as smoothly as possible. For Android 7, which means we will start from zero, and fix bug one by one from zero. Which will need very long long time. Even now there is Android 8. The important thing is that as a professional Media Player, we are more attention on the stable functions for our users, which is our mission to do, also this is why people chose our Egreat.

    3. Egreat HDD Media Player is only a professional Media Player, which is not a cheap or simple OTT Box, which just wants to do the professional Media Player works. We collect all feedbacks from our users, and our R&D team take all into consideration, all of our engineers keep hard working to optimize and optimize. If you knows Egreat, then you can feel our Egreat engineers' heart on every function experience, even every one word or setting design in the device.
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  3. Thanks @Rita. I'm waiting for info.

  4. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

  5. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    just to inform all readers: Android Nougat update has no date planned....Egreat does not seem satisfied with the OS now.
    @E_CS any info if hisilicon will update again to newer nougat sdk this year ? @Dennis any thoughts ?
  6. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi @nenito2k , it doesn't mean we are not satisfied with android 7 OS, we are working for one more stable and more professional HDD Media Player. Our devices are not like the simple normal Android OTT Box, so we have many works to do. Please kindly wait for our official updating. Many thanks.
  7. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Rita i meant "egreat is not satisfied with the current stability of the OS"; i know you like nougat as it brings many new interesting features and improves things
  8. Hans

    Hans Active Member


    I don't think that Radoslaw's question is that strange as you are pretending it is. As the link that you are provide will link you to the A10. And me for one, and I assume Radoslaw also, own the A5. So why would we need to check all other forums to seek answers, when it is not even sure, that all firmwares will work on all Egreat devices. At least, me for one, on egreat (or any other forum) will check the device I own to see if there is an answer that I am seeking. For only then I can be sure, that it is an answer that can be helpfull.

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  9. Awal

    Awal Member

    why are you acting like a bully. I have observed on many times when people ask questions you jump in and your answer is very rude. Even if you are the owner of product, people who purchased the product have the right to ask questions. If you can help answer it, fine. If not please let the admins do their job.
  10. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    I always say...read this forum before posting questions.. i repeated many times that posting the same questions...will be benefit no one! That is NOT the definition of a bully...
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  11. Awal

    Awal Member

    Well don't assume everyone to be like you. Not everyone will be able to find answers lie you do especially when they are newbies and the questions they ask isn't directed to you but most importantly the admins. And since admins haven't complained, you don't have to. And not every issue people had thread opened. My experience was different and Egreat admins took it into consideration and it made the player better. So please i will entreat you to refrain from that since it's not popping up at your page or messages.
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  12. eruo1

    eruo1 New Member

    @nenito2k - Rather than being rude and obnoxious, the best thing to do is point the questioner in the right direction. Otherwise keep quiet. THe questions are not being posed to you and you shouldn't feel obligated to answer rudely. You are turning good customers away from this forum and from egreat product. I hope egreat staff put a stop to your nonsense.
  13. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    not true. but if that is how some feel, i can't do anything about it. cheers
  14. Nodeity

    Nodeity New Member

    Please go away, you are a nuisance and the complaints are getting in the way of actual support staff.
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  15. jaime4i

    jaime4i New Member

    any updates?
  16. Any progress???
  17. Flafik

    Flafik Member

    silence as in space....
  18. Teddy Pongsak

    Teddy Pongsak New Member

    Yes this silence is disheartening... I'm being to wonder if I supported the right company that doesn't deliver on their promises :(
  19. Flafik

    Flafik Member

    they have a chance to meet our expectations with android 7.
    But judging by comments where Rita says that Nougat hard gives in to them - everything is deplorable...
    As if with android 5 at you everything is good-is imperceptible!... in a word it is necessary only to WAIT
  20. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Dear All, I want to make a survey, for our Egreat Media Player, which is not a normal Android OTT Box. Also, so far, it is UHD 4K Blu-ray Time, we already can support this. Functions on Android 5 is more and more stable. How many people really want to get Android 7 experience on Egreat Media Player? and why? :)

    Surely, we won't release Android 7 OS until it is stable enough.
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