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Discussion in 'A5 Professional 4K HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player.' started by Radoslaw Smetana, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    Very Strange I have sent a link to Egreat tech and see what hey have to say by the way can anybody tell me if the firmware 1316 OK as it is showing on my A8 and do not want to download it if it cause problems with my posters etc Thanks
  2. krecio

    krecio New Member

    Hello, dear group of pissed colleagues,
    Our complaints, complaints or even subdued remarks will not help. We've just been deceived by Egreat. Just cheated. Marketing gibberish at the time of placing their boxes on the market meant that we bought this sell. We were hoping that the company would not repeat its behavior towards its customers from a few years ago. It turned out to be untrue and our huge naivety. In any case, I am not going to wait for a miracle anymore. In a few days I exchange this patch of electronic parts for something that has been appreciated by users for years. I return after a year's break to Dune HD. I also advise you to change this crap into something that does not make that much of a profession. In Poland, this "miracle player" disappeared almost completely from store shelves some time ago. The Chinese have our complaints in the ass. They behave very brutally and in a crude way in their strategy. You bought it now, worry about it yourself. We are constantly working on the development of technology so do not complain. In any case, I've had enough. I do not want to feel like a moose any more.
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  3. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    If you want to get any sort of Answer Go to Egreat Facebook I for one will not be buying from this shit hole company again they say there new A8 Pro has got Andriod 7 well it is not it is still Android 5.1 according to the Italian importers so Again Lies and more Lies Krecio you have said this has happened before with this company how long ago was this and what model was it ?
  4. krecio

    krecio New Member

    Hi Eric,
    I just read archived entries on Polish forums about Egreat. Virtually every model had problems and it never ended their solution. I mean the models EGREAT R6S, R200S, EG-R200. None of them has ever been a finite project. And I do not mean that something is improved or improved. This is just normal. Only in Egreat it does not happen. Still in November 2017 I got a new fw in my oldest player, Dune HD Base 3.0, which for me testifies to this company. It was mainly a codec upgrade. At Egreat A10, I recently could not play two movies in turn. I turned on Dune HD and it became a miracle! Everything without problems. So I'm not going to ask any questions on the FB profile. For what? Should I ask someone who took my money to meet their obligations? I prefer to return to where they treat me properly.
  5. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    The best thing we can do immediately... Is to stop posting on this forum asap ! Like this egreat will see a concrete action. this will be my last message....and i will only come back if egreat has a change of policy and puts out android7.
    Adios all.. It was fun while it lasted !!!
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  6. Morgan

    Morgan Administrator Staff Member

    Hi guys, I hope my reply is not too late.:) As for Android 7, good news that it is expected to launch first in upcoming A8 Pro & A10 Pro, and will gradually cover all the rest of models later. I will love to show more about the new models in other posts ;)
  7. krecio

    krecio New Member

    Morgan, do not be ridiculous ... Do you pay so much to write such nonsense? What do we care about any PRO? You write not in this thread. Or do you expect someone to turn your old models into your new invention? In our world it does not work like this.
  8. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I will do the same Goodbye !!!
  9. RickDagless

    RickDagless New Member

    Is it just me or does the post from Morgan feel like a polite way of saying “Want Future Updates? Better upgrade your box to one of our new products then!!!”. The bit tacked on at the end saying that “gradually” they will cover the rest of the range is simply not what current customers want to hear. Who on this forum would even consider upgrading to a new eGreat box??? I’m now borrowing an nvshield as my Z10S has the 4K black screen issue that many users are waiting to be fixed. I’m considering buying a shield. Why? Regular updates and forum response. For my purposes Kodi on the shield works fine, 4K HDR, audio pass through, a functional media browser.

    It’s a shame, eGreat made a great box, it works fairly well but with bug fixes, updated OS and better communication with customers it could of been one the best. If you want to see what a forum should be like go the the Vero4K forums and see the developer customer comms there.
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  10. ray1976

    ray1976 Member

    You have the audacity to even post your reply here LITERALLY telling your loyal customers who have had stayed until now just to tell us to "WAIT WAIT and guess what CONTINUE TO WAIT SOMEMORE!"...OMG! even nenito2k who has been defending Egreat for the longest time also gave up on Egreat...you really think that by putting out this nonsensical post is gonna make things any better?! Who are you kidding?!

    I have already asked all my Singaporean members in my forum to stop supporting Egreat products since Dec last year...there is absolutely no talent in the software development department...so what if the hardware is good...it won't make up for anything.

    Feeding us with relentless amount of lies...after lies...after lies...
  11. RickDagless

    RickDagless New Member

    It baffles me to be honest. When I bought my eGreat many moons ago the updates were fairly regular, forum response from staff was there , all in all it felt reassuring after buying something from a company I had never heard of and for fairly steep money. Then as time went on the updates became less regular, weren’t fixing many of the problems people were having and forum response became less and less. Every now and again someone from eGreat would chirp on and say “Hi guys, Android 7 soon, our R &D team are hard at work, won’t be long!” then silence. I imagine the scenario as this, they had one coder, let’s call him Donny Chestnuts. Donny loved his job, believed all the hype, the promises, the prospect of being responsible for making software for cutting edge hardware. Then, like us, as time ticked by, Donny started to tire of the empty promises and the late paycheques. It was only a matter of time before Donny angrily slammed his keyboard with heavy hands and stormed out of the office leaving no one to continue with software development.

    Donny has since moved to the Ukraine and earlier this year appeared on Ukraines Got Talent. He didn’t win but loved taking part.

    His act was underwater roller skating.
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  12. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I said I would not come on here unless I heard something positive from Egreat well I had a message from them is as follows( Here is one final official response on Android 7 , We are now in processing to upgrade all the remaining player to Android 7 , but it need times , as you can see , we are making progress here , please have faith on us , when we finished it , there will be an links , you guys can download it to the flash drive , and load it to our player , then it will be Android 7 .) Make of it as you will
  13. Martin

    Martin Member

    We will see, thnx for ur message Eric
  14. depmesh

    depmesh Active Member

    The same old message almost two years now....so predictable and so boring. I believe there will be an android 7 firmware that will come out, but it will be a half baked, buggy firmware not too different than the beta we already have and will come after months, when nobody will be left in here...

    However, I will keep using the player for now, as I have had it for 1 1/2 years and have become accustomed to living with its quirks. Secondly, there is nothing out there that can do what it does so better that it would justify my buying a new player. But, when I do buy a new one, it probably won't be from E(not so)GREAT.
  15. krecio

    krecio New Member

    My A10 has already left ... Hello DUNE HD and OPPO 203 !!!
  16. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    I am not really impressed with FW developments of the Dune HD players either only with their price.

    Is it really any better? Futeko also stopped selling Dune players not to mention obscured HW revisions. It is for me a bit like being bitten by the dog or the cat.
    Was looking out for the Dune HD Ultra 4K but it really is very overpriced.
  17. krecio

    krecio New Member

    DUNE HD has always been in a high price range. I know the disadvantages of new players but I also know the service of DUNE HD (I bought DUNE HD Max 4K). Both toys (DUNE and OPPO) complement each other. In the end, OPPO is primarily BD Player.
    My old friend from the USA always said that if something is free, it means he's sucked. There's a lot of truth in it. Egreat is cheap and its service is adequate for the price.
  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    A8 Pro for sales here in Europe:
    OS updated to be 7 now under system (still 5.1 under features though). Maybe it was shipped with 5 at the beginning? Anyway in-line now with the Egreat information.

    What I am missing is the remote control shipped with this model?
    WiFi specifications are inconsistent between features (2.4G+5G dual band) and specifications (2.4G only) also. No idea which one is correct but to differentiate from A10 probably 2.4 G only just like the flash being 8 G Byte?
    Be aware 2x USB2 only (like A10). That is a bit meager but with an additional USB2 hub should do it.
    It has a power button on the front and an earthed PSU. That is even better than A10!
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