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    My experience upgrading my Egreat A10 to Android 7 beta2:

    For some SMB testing moved up to A7 once more. Ran in to troubles doing so as reported by many,

    What seems to be a formula that works:
    - Use a stick that worked before for Android 5 and put the Android 7 files on it. Disconnect everything including the LAN!
    - Put the stick in the USB3 and do the update using the PIN pressed. This will result in the well-known error. Switch off
    - Now put the stick in the USB2 port and once more do the pin procedure. Now it will start with the ring instead of the robot (new bootloader was installed with previous step).
    - Have a very long wait as mine stopped at 20% for many minutes. After around 10 minutes it booted with A7.

    If you don't get the ring then it will never install Android 7 during that step/try yet. Never managed to upgrade the OS in one step/try.
    Once on Android 7 updates (ring) work again in one step as with Android 5 before (robot).

    Don't ask me the logic behind all this, but did it twice with success.
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  2. Let me get this straight it's taken 2yrs to go from A5 to A7 ,I've got the A11 it's working ok, I'm expected to follow this procedure to get A7 if my streamer gets the update maybe maybe not I would sooner stick with the shit I've got than risk bricking just for A7 no thanks I will buy a proper stream that has A7 from the go .
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    I agree with everything you said,but I don't think there is much chance of bricking the device with an update firmware. The only problem is that unless you are terribly lucky with the USB sticks you have, you cannot update.:)

    Funniest of all, for your player, which up until recently was the most expensive and the flagship in their lineup, there is not even a beta firmware...
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    @E_CS and @Actpower (if you are still on these forums!) did android 7 update fix the ISSUE regarding SDR to HDR conversion about that metadata thing ? i read that it was the case...but cannot remember where; ideas @Nice Monkey ?
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    Never use(d) SDR to HDR conversion myself. Is that available on Egreat? Turning off HDR worked, tested that.
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    @Nice Monkey or @E_CS any info about the upcoming android FW 7 ? i emailed egreat long ago twice...and nothing
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