AVR Problems with DTS-HD MASTER HR

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  1. Nic86

    Nic86 New Member

    Hello does anyone still have problems with the playback of movies with sound DTS-HD MASTER HR?

    No sound or very quiet and very distorted.

    Me the mistake is definitely Egreat A10.

    Since I've tested other configurations:

    Original BluRay on BluRay Player: Sound with DTS-HD MASTER HR works without problems.

    BluRay ISO on other players (Pocorn Hour A-200) Sound with DTS-HD MASTER HR works without problems.

    BluRay ISO on Egreat A10 no sound or very quiet and very distorted.

    My equipment:

    Egreat A10 with firmware 2017-12-18 v1.2.6.6 also tried with the beta 2018-02-05 v1.2.8.2

    DENON AVR-X2400H
  2. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Hello Nic86,

    I have problem with the DTS HD HRA with my reciever Onkyo 656, but the DTS HD HRA works properly with my Pioneer SC-81 elite.

    i know there is problem with some receiver as Onkyo and Pioneer and the problem does not come from Egreat, it is just my opinion.

    for example :



    Is it possible that the new update screwed up something with the DTS-HD-HRA Audio?

    I don’t get sound from any movie with this audio format. Normal DTS, DTS-HD-MA, True Hd, Atmos etc… works fine, only the HRA DTS Tracks not.

    I bought a new AVR (Denon AVR-X1400H) so i am not sure if this is a problem with the Vero/Osmc or with the AVR.

    Can somebody check this please?


    win10/MPC HC
    I have the exact same problem with two new Denon AVR-X4400H and Denon AVR-X8500H (these are one of the best receiver on the planet right now). (it was working fine with a Marantz SR5010 or Denon AVR-X6200W)

    Can't bitstream DTS-HD HRA, the reveiver display only DTS with distorded sound at low volume.

    Tested it with latest W10, MPC HC, LAVFilter and with a GTX 980Ti and GTX 1080Ti.

    Every other format are working fine with LAVFilter : Dolby Digital, Dobly Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Atmos, DTS, DTS HD MA, DTS:X ...

    DTS HD HRA is working without any problem with Powerdvd 17 on the same PC or with bluray player/Xbox One/PS4 so the receivers are not the problem.

    Maybe there's a problem with New receivers and DTS HD HR in LAVFilter or Windows 10?

    see you
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  3. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    @Nic86 , okay, note it.
  4. AlexNK

    AlexNK New Member

    I also can confirm problems with A10 and DTS-HD HR tracks. I have ONKYO TX-NR676 AVR and there is no sound when a DTS-HD HR track is selected. Every other DTS format works fine (HD MA, DTS:X, DTS), just not HR. When other players are used (Pioneer BDP-150, Dune HD 4k), there is no problem with DTS-HD HR tracks, so this is not exclusively related to the AVR, but, at least, to the combination of A10+AVR. Also, there used to be a similar problem of having no (or severely distorted sound) with TrueHD tracks on SONY UHD 4k discs (and only with those, conventional BD with TrueHD worked fine) on earlier firmwares, but it was solved with the option of TrueHD compatibility in the menu. Unfortunately, the DTS compatibility option in the A10 menu does not solve the problem of having no sound from DTS-HD HR tracks. (Obviously, I am using the latest firmware for A10.)
  5. arcazal

    arcazal Member

    Egreat A10 + Pioneer VSX-1122K works DTS-HD HR
    Egreat A10 + Onkyo TX-NR656 does not work DTS-HD HR
    Dune HD Solo Lite + Onkyo TX-NR656 runs DTS-HD HR
    Then the problem is neither Egreat nor Onkyo, but the compatibility between both
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  6. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    when Egreat A10 + Onkyo TX-NR656 does not work DTS-HD HR, did you try to turn on/off TrueHD compatibility in the setting?
  7. arcazal

    arcazal Member

    Yes, I have activated and deactivated True-HD in the configuration and the DTS-HD HR track is not heard.

    Edit: Deactivating DTS-HD MA / DTS: X in the compatibility of the amplifier, if it is heard, although the sound arrives in DTS and not in DTS-HD HR. As I read it is a Kodi problem.
    Thanks, Rita.
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  8. E_CS

    E_CS Active Member

    Please set HDMI output to RAW on Android Settings (Settings/General/More settings/Sound/HDMI output/RAW.
    Install MX Player from Google play and reboot box.
    Share results of passthrough for DTS-HD HR on mkv/m2ts container with MX Player for yours Onkyo TX-NR656.
  9. arcazal

    arcazal Member

    Your suggestion does not work HDMI Raw, MX Player and does not play the DTS-HD HR audio, neither in mkv, nor in m2ts, only the video without audio.
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  10. E_CS

    E_CS Active Member

    OK, I go it same problems like have all player base on Hi3798CV200 SoC.
    Onkyo AVR with last(newest) firmware are not detect as capable passthrough DTS-HD HRA after expand playable content of DTS:X or passthrough function of Dolby Vision firmware release according users claim problems with diferent AVR models over internet forums.
    Try to downgrade firmware on yours AVR or be happy with passthrough core DTS from DTS-HD HRA until Egreat/HiMedia/Vivant/etc... will maybe succeed to get fixed with HiSilion support of this SDK/SoC problem.
  11. piotr

    piotr Member

    in my case at TX-NR656 all sound formats i get as PCM 2.0 from A5 . Earlier sound was properly ( DD, DTS 5.1).

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