[CFW] A8BD_EN_N_Firmware_20190801_v2.5.0.2beta.rar

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    Egreat A8 unofficial firmware base on beta Egreat A5 Android 7 v2.5.0.2
    Download mediafire: CFW_A8BD_EN_N_Firmware_20190801_v2.5.0.2beta.rar
    MD5: 6302e5914aab7db5273780b78728f042

    Instruction to install:
    - backup, backup, backup all userdata, next procese will WIPE userdata from box
    - copy update.zip, bootargs.bin, fastboot.bin, recovery.img to USB flash FAT32 partition size 4GB
    - power OFF player from back button
    - connect USB flash to USB 2.0 port
    - press RST with paper clip and keep press then power ON from back button
    - wait until Android 7 Rainbow circle is show and firmware loading
    - wait until player auto power off
    - do power circle from back button
    - power ON from IR remote
    - wait Egreat Desktop and user applications install this can take up 10 minutes
    - Enjoy Android 7 beta on Egreat A8.

    Restore to Android 5.1.1:
    Download mediafire: A8BD_EN_Firmware_20190124_v1.3.1.6_pd.rar
    MD5: 490b04bc86ccacb6eb5b351e09d5d7b5

    - Egreat A8 Android 7 beta firmware are not yet official release
    - CFW include update_addon_pack[1.2]_for_Android_7_v2.5.0.2
    - DRM L3 for Neflix SD support not included
    - Discrete power ON/OFF function not included
    - Bluetooth, WiFi working, AK86 remote support not included
    - Don't try that firmware if you are not familiarly with use:
    - MiniTool Partition Wizard
    - Recovery players
    - USB pen flash, format FAT32, DISKPART, etc.
    - Egreat A8 Android 5.1.1 fit your daily needs.​

    Disclaimer: Use at your own risk.

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