[CFW] Egreat A5/A8/A10 - ATV version by E_CS base on v1.3.1.6 (update.zip 2019-23-02)

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  1. E_CS

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    Following Egreat work [CFW] ATV for Egreat A5/A8/A10 base on f/w v1.3.1.6 on mediafire.
    Previous version [CFW] ATV base on Egreat f/w v1.2.9.0 here.

    - This is wipe f/w please backup, backup, backup all yours sensitive data.
    - All bug and problems from original Egreat f/w are present.
    - Version change from to intend to avoid OTA update popup for official Egreat f/w when Egreat R&D Team will release next f/w version.

    Changelog vs [CFW] ATV v1.2.9.0:
    -- add init.d support
    -- bypass safetynet spoofing as Nexus player
    - Updated:
    -- Chrome, Plex
    -- HBOGO Europe
    -- Google Assistant
    -- Netflix mobile app
    -- MX Player free
    -- Kodi 18.1 RC1 shitty(20190203)
    - Fix (2019-05-02):
    - HiMediaWrapper can't play over nfs/smb
    - Downgrade:
    -- Google search Android TV
    - Know problem:
    -- Option YUV 420 12Bit not present on Android Settings
    -- Google Assistant need open twice to bypass device check and not sound
    -- Streaming to Chromecast not working not certificate device
    -- Netflix Android TV, HBOGO Android TV, Video Prime lack of support for DRM Widevine L1.

    -- improve loading time from power OFF

    Installation Instructions:
    - Backup, backup, backup all yours sensitive data.
    1. Download corresponding files for your box.
    2. Rename updateA(...)_1.3.1.6.zip to update.zip.
    3. Copy update.zip to the root of a USB pen drive.
    4. Insert the USB pen drive into any USB port of the A5/A8/A10.
    5. Update from Menu --> Settings/Info(About)/USB Update/D<sda1>.
    6. Player Egreat A5/A8/A10 will reboot, show Android Robot and proceed to upgrade the firmware.
    7. The box will auto-reboot when finished.
    8. First boot take 10-12 minutes.
    Wait some more minutes until player start to respond proper to IR remote activity.
    Entire update process ca take up to 20 minutes, just wait...

    To do:
    - [CFW] Android TV for Egreat A11 not ETA

    Feedback / suggestion are welcome please fill free to posted.
    If you appreciate my work, you might want to buy me a Morning Coffee. [​IMG]

    Don't discuses on this thread know bug of original Egreat f/w. Thanks for understanding.
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  2. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this.. Cant wait to install it when egreat releases nougat. Hopefully by then kodi 18 will not be rc1 but newer version
  3. Great work just installed it !! Thanks. One question netflix does not scroll down?
  4. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    Netflix is mobile application version so request Mouse/AIR mouse/Android TV remote/etc for control.
  5. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @E_CS hi friend, long time no see; as this forum is dead i know :(

    since egreat FW is DEAD...are you planning an update on ATV for A5 ? it's been long
  6. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    Not intend to be update to v1.5.1.0 and in addition after Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV is was release it more and more things are dependent in Chromecast built in service witch required Android TV certificated device.

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