Egreat A10/A11 The instruction to force to recovery the firmware

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  1. köksal

    köksal New Member

    I have not tried everything
  2. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    What is not opening? Please try use more words to explain that is happens.
    1. Power off Egreat A10 player from power button place on back front of player
    2. Connect USB flash prepared like is explain on topic "[Solved] A10 will not boot" to back front USB 2.0 port
    3. Use a paper clip to press restore(RST) button from back of player
    4. Press restore(RST) button and keep press it
    5. Press back power button to power on
    6. Keep restore(RST) button press until red power led or USB led activity start clipping
    7. After activity led start flashing release restore(RST) button
    8. Wait up to 10 minutes until f/w is install
    9. I hope all done and player recovery.
    - If not working, power off player using back front button, try with connecting to USB 3.0 back front port and start again with step 4
    - If still not luck to get f/w running use other smaller USB flash 8GB formated on FAT32 or make 8GB partition FAT32 using MiniTool Partition tool
    - Format USB flash must be FAT32 don't confuse with exFAT.
    Last option if still not successfully to get working ask reseller for warranty/repair.
  3. köksal

    köksal New Member

    I've tried it in 1.05 software but I do not have a clue
  4. köksal

    köksal New Member

    I keep pressing it for 30 seconds
  5. Chris Saunders

    Chris Saunders New Member

    Would you mind giving the exact link to the forced recovery firmware? I've looked all over the place at and can't find any such recovery firmware. Thanks. The problem with the site is that there is no search function, so one can't do a search for the software either.
  6. Norbert

    Norbert New Member

    hi, any chance to make A10 working as good as minimum requirments for playing movies without jumping and like slow motion movements on the screen ?
    i updated latest firmware and become even worse , i am not sure if there is anything can do with settings or anything else to make this player usable , as my 10 years old O2 player play those videos smooth and without slow motion effect , but A10 looks like PC playing video without codecs and jump and slowing down video when there is a faster picture movement in movies. any suggestions ? as that is just very basic for HDD player to play movies without slowing down and jumping video in movies. audio no porblems ,

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