Egreat A10 No Longer Shows Up On My Network Sharing

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    I have tried everything to get this to show back onto my PC, can anyone shed some light? I have a 6TB Internal Hard Drive going directly into the A10 Draw. I also have 2 4TB External Hard Drives going into the back of both USB inputs at the back of the A10. Up until a few days ago when ever I switched on the A10 and my PC ALL of these Drives would show up on my PC (Under Network, DESKTOP- N7LNU2E) it would have the name Android UNDER (Network, DESKTOP- N7LNU2E) along with Folders of each Hard Drive, I would then be able to Drag what ever I had downloaded and put which ever file into which ever Hard Drive I wanted to, (this was without having to connect any of the hard drives to my PC via a USB Port or using a USB Cable. This was ALL done over the AIR. Doing this way took a little longer, but I didn't mind as this was better than going at the back of my TV cabinet and disconnecting the Hard Drives from the A10 and also the mains. So now that I'm NOT able to see these Hard Drives on my PC, what have I done wrong? As I've done NO upgrades NOTHING. You'll be able to see from the Snap Shot, where it says "Computer (1)" and shows my Computer and the Name of this underneath, it did until a few days ago also show my Egreat A10 but as Android, I would then be able to Right Click the Android Folder and it would show 3 Different Folders each being the Hard Drives I have going into my Egreat A10. As you can see this is "NO LONGER THERE". It does show "Living Room 1_7767" "Living Room 1_7767 (Egreat Media Render)" and "Living Room 1_7767 (Egreat Media Server), but none of these let or show me any of the External Hard Drives that I could see a few days ago.

    Again I'm well and truly stumped, to the point where I'm ready to disconnect ALL the External Hard Drives, along with the Internal Hard Drive, then box up the Egreat A10 sell the pigging thing and get another Media Player, as this problem never happened when I used my Xtreamer Player.

    I'm NOT mega techy when it comes to things like this, so if someone has a solution to a fix, if you can explain it to me as if you where telling a 10 year old.

    Please, please help, before this drives me crazy. And thank you to ALL if any who replies to this cry of help.

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