Egreat A10 Very Slow

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  1. Awal

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    I updated my Egreat to the latest firmware and it has a beautiful interface, but the big problem is, the system is supper slow. So far I can say the slowest of all Android boxes I've owned. The only apps on it are the built in ones and not even one third party app. Worse came when i changed the VidOn skin to aa different one. It takes more than 10 mins to load the skin and freezes. Is there a way to increase the memory? I haven't even played a videos and it's acting this way and I was imagining if i start to add apps to stream, i don't know what will happen. I do have the Nvidia Shield and it's amazing!! It loads in a minute or less. The only reason I'm still using the Egreat is for my music listening via analog...I really need help in memory upgrade

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