Egreat a10 wont play hdr files

Discussion in 'A10 Enthusiast 4K HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player.' started by shoeboxjoe, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. shoeboxjoe

    shoeboxjoe New Member

    any ideas how i can get my Egreat a10 2 play hdr files 1080p films are fined and when i put my high media a10 on with the same files it plays fine here are pictures of lines and wheat firm-where i have on

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  2. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    That is a simple one. Cause you "enabled picture scaling which is not supported in combination with HDR". Just put it back to 100% and voila the picture will show up.

    I asked Egreat a long time ago to at least issue a warning when using scaling. It is caused by HW limitations and as such present in all FW versions.
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  3. shoeboxjoe

    shoeboxjoe New Member

    just put picture back 2 100% and its working fine thanks again

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