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  1. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Hi all,

    Egreat has done a good job since my previous tests.


    I use the Egreat A11 for a few days with the FW1.2.6.6 and I am satisfied with the evolution of the box.​


    + now the Picture Quality is equivalent to zidoo / zappiti (in my opinion).

    + I am satisfied with their POSTER V2.0, it works very well with my videotheque, the small problems have disappeared, Egreat did a very good job and I know that Egreat continues to work the improvement of their apk.

    + Compared to the A5/10 and others competitor.... when i use the dual hdmi, it removes the problem of loss of signal on my TV or the black screen during the framerate switch.


    There are still some bugs to fix like all the android box following the use that people have with their Egreat but now I can see my collection of movies in better condition than before

    I'm sure the next FW will bring a lot of improvement / fix

    See you

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  2. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    humm nice update, it is very bizarre that some of us don't have any issue and other claim their boxes can't read anything..and has a huge amount of failures...
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  3. Sir oled

    Sir oled Member

    Doubt that this is a neutral review ! it seems like Lewis Hamilton reviewing Mercedes :rolleyes: !
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  4. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Think anything you like about me.

    and what I wrote above is the truth.

    have nice day
  5. well i will have to wait for the next firmware has it is the beta is the one working for me with a dual hdmi set up and not the latest firmware v.1. 266
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  6. Gaara80

    Gaara80 Member

    What? The hdmi audio only doesn't work????
  7. the latest firmware is not working for me with dual hdmi set up ,but the beta firmware works so i will stick with that
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  8. Gaara80

    Gaara80 Member

    Where i can find those firmware???
  9. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

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  10. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    I bet ya your NOT praising Egreat now, there Newest Firmware Update (v1.3.0.9) has buggered everything up in POSTER. Out of over 1000 movies I have ONLY 151 that have been recognised, the rest have been classed as "unclassified" with a blank poster, also on the poster screen it now constantly shows Loading Poster. Before this latest update everything was fine in the Poster, so why has Egreat messed with a Poster Wall that was working just fine? And so what has Egreat done about this? Absolutely sod all. After about 4 messages (all of them taken down from this forum site) to Egreat with regards to the Poster issue, I've yet to have had a reply with regards to this. So this is what Egreat now think of there customers, they've made there money selling this and are now just pushing any old ruffle out. Now saving up to buy the "Zidoo X20" and afterwards will end up using the A10 as an expensive door stop.
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  11. E_CS

    E_CS Active Member

    Good luck with "Zidoo X20" just keep on mind also with Zidoo are users happy and unhappy see Zidoo forum.
    I'm one unhappy with Zidoo home theater 2.0 default categorize about 30%. I don't have time to spend on try fix via web interface. Egreat Poster 2.0 still categorize about 95% of it with f/w v1.3.0.9.
    To be fair Zidoo home theater 2.0 is one of more complex, functional and fashion media library as alternative use ZDMC/VidonXBMC/Kodi for that.
    Let's stop discussion here because is offtopic here.
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