Egreat A5/10 A11. Live or Dead????

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  1. devision2

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    friends, how many it is possible to fool about?
    Your public relations the manager on Facebook posts every day new photos about sending to the different countries.
    why to lie?
    who needs devices without support?
    people paid hundreds of dollars for what? to receive the crude device?
    constantly only promises.
    There are no new insertions also the problems announced 2 years ago still are not corrected
    Follow an example of competitors, Zidoo, for example
    They left forward long ago And you do nothing
    Yes, you chose the good platform, but what sense in it if you do not support her and mislead hundreds of users?
    For all vrema you cause in people only a negative but not positive emotions?


    I demand the answer of the management with concrete terms
    because already bothered me

    or I ask to return money for devices and I with pleasure will return you all that bought for himself and for the clients!!!
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  2. Duke

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    Forget it !
    This is a perfect example of a initial good idea (high quality all-in one-player) wich was not supportet properly and now is pissing off people (exept for the usual fanboys ofc).
    I honestly cant recommend Egreat to anyone.
    If you buy from them, be aware of the fact that you have to use their products "as is" (Firmware is mostly in "beta" stadium or something) as their "support" is nearly non existent.
    There are many other competitors out there that are much better at doing this, thats a proven fact.
    They took my perfect money and delivered an unperfect product.
    Egreat can not make up for that.

    R.I.P - Egreat

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