Egreat A5 EN Firmware Beta

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  1. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Egreat A5 EN Firmware Beta Beta only for test, if you don't like, please keep Egreat A5 EN Firmware Release!

    Change log
    New:Vidon xbmc pro support BD Menu、 Raw Passthrough & 3D ISO file playback

    New:Resume playback from last breakpiont

    New:Support .tp file playback

    New:No more buffering in some non-standard dts audio playback

    New: Added tip when press menu button in Device List

    New:Pause icon optimization and minimization

    New:The external devices in standby mode when power on

    New:Enable external subtitle in Open Subtitle in Movie Poster playback

    New:Enable the playback of some special 4k ts files under 4K res. option

    Fix: Enable 3D ISO movie playback by "Main Movie" option

    Fix: No more interface overlapping when press "Menu" after pause

    New: Google play

    The steps for system forced refresh/recovery system are as follows.

    1. Please download the forced recovery firmware from the company's official website (, the forced recovery firmware contains the following 4 files:, fastboot.bin, recovery.img, bootargs.bin
    Please do not modify the file name, and copy these four files to the root directory of the U-disk of FAT32 disk format.
    2. Cut off the power supply of this machine, inset the U-disk into the USB2.0 interface of this machine's side (close to the USB3.0 as the below picture), with a slender hard object (something like the clip after expansion) to insert into the RST small round hole, keep holding down the RST key in RST round hole not loosened, turn on the machine power after holding down the RST button.

    3. Keep the posture, release the RST button until the TV screen appears the prompt (the green android small robot animation icon) of being forced refresh/recovery system, the system will automatically complete the forced refresh/recovery system process.

    4. Please be patient, after the forced refresh/recovery system is completed, this machine will automatically restart, after restart, the player can be normally put into use.

    • Please do not turn off or cut off the power of this machine during the progress of upgrading, otherwise it may cause this machine can't boot.
    • The file name of the forced recovery system is very important, do not modify the file name(including capital and lower-case).
    • If you failed in a check, it is likely that the file has not been downloaded successfully or the file has been corrupted, please download again.
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  2. akanit

    akanit Member

    All of problems still exist
  3. akanit

    akanit Member

    Is there any person knowing about movie in your team ?
  4. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Download the right new firmware, and test all.
  5. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Surely, everyone here like you, big movie fans!
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  6. Dennis

    Dennis Active Member

    Hi Akanit, I'v told you some of the ways to test, and for those still not solved, need more time and your patient! pls don'b be so existed.
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  7. akanit

    akanit Member

    fix solved vidon can not play bluray 1080/24
  8. worachai

    worachai New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm come from Thailand

    DTS audio of MKV file playback is jerky at half bitrate as 768 Kbps or 755 Kbps , Please fix
    Full bitrate DTS format, no problem.

    Thank you
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  9. Surachai

    Surachai New Member

    I was very pleased with the quality of the A5 But I want you to fix something to get better player.
    1.- 1080/24 Hz
    2.- Only DTS in MKV File with Half Bitrate (755/768 Kpbs) passthrough to AVR seems incomplete or not correct (it jerky every 5-10 seconds and silent some moments) Any sound else no problem (DTSHD, TrueHD,AC3,E-AC3,DTS Fullbitrate(1509/1536 Kpbs)
    3.Repeat mode not remember with i select (it seem return to repeat all when i shutdown player)

    I like Movie Cover, Menu Bluray :)
    And thanks to fix Thai Subtitle and now it can display Thai Language completely (Text base subtitle) ;)
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  10. andre-asb

    andre-asb New Member

    Hello! Like the new firmware, previously with file playback problems microvolts over the network using Vidon, now this problem is solved, I hope in the next firmware will be solved the problem with DTS in MKV File with Half Bitrate (755/768 Kpbs) and add as promised samba and NFS auto-scanning function.
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  11. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    this is a FW Beta, they have time to fixed the issue (DTS Half Bitrate and scan SMB/NFS) before to lunch the final release...i hope.
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  12. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    yes, these already in our list, will solve in next version.
  13. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    @andre-asb good news, we have solved Samba and NFS auto-scanning function now. :) Will provide in next firmware version.
  14. andre-asb

    andre-asb New Member

    Thank you!
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  15. andre-asb

    andre-asb New Member

    Hello! I have a problem with this file, the sound is normal but instead of black screen images
    Brotherhood of the Wolf HD-DVDRemux. Do not tell me what could be the problem?[​IMG] DSC00863 ff.jpg
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  16. akanit

    akanit Member

  17. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi andre-asb, please upload your file and give us the download link, then we will check and test here to solve it. Thanks.
  18. Dennis

    Dennis Active Member

    @ worachai---actually we are working to fix DTS audio of MKV file playback is jerky at half bitrate as 768 Kbps or 755 Kbps, however found it will afffect others functions after fixed this issue. And we have to find others ways to fix it which cost more time, will refresh when it is done! thank you for your underdtanding!
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  19. worachai

    worachai New Member

    I will wait with hope, And I think it is a challenge of the team. To solve this problem, Thank you
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  20. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Thanks for your hard work.

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