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Discussion in 'A8 4K UHD HDD Media Player' started by PedroHugo, Mar 26, 2018.

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    How is it formatted? Format should be GPT partition table and NTFS or EXT file system. Format in a PC using SATA if possible.
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    I have this (disk 3) and still do not see it.

    Screenshot 2018-03-27 19.46.36.png Screenshot 2018-03-27 19.47.52.png

    Is it right ? At the same time, two external HDDs are connected to the device, each with 2TB. They see you without problems.
    The 4TB HDD is completely new, functional, the A8 is also completely new.
    The A8 is a fantastic device, I'm totally happy with it, but I'm desperate for it.

    Please help...

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  4. Nice Monkey

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    Use a tool like "MiniTool Partition Wizard Free" on Windows to remove all partitions including all hidden partitions. Next format with GPT+NTFS when (E)SATA attached. Should work flawless for any WD Blue HDD.
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    this also happens to me with the new disk

    I found one of my old messages with the himedia Q10pro, you can use the part with window/format if you need it

    I plug my new hdd by USB (I kept an old hdd case) or you can buy a usb sata cable.

    If the new disks appear as not initialized, Open Disk Management: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management, Right-click the Disk Number (unknown) and select “Initialize Disk.”, choose GPT.
    After drive initialization, right click on "Unallocated" area and choose "New Simple Volume..." to format the new volume.

    and he will be recognized by your Egreat A8.
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    my account PedroHugo was locked.... :(
    I´m now here.
    The problem has been resolved, everything is working. I had to visit a friend and connect WD Blue to a standard PC via SATA (I only have a laptop with a USB case for HDD).
    Formatted according to the instructions and everything works.
    A8 is a great device.

    Thank "futeko" and "Nice Monkey" and "OlivierQC" ;)
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    good news :)
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    As a result of the above manipulations, Disk started to work better, but there was a promblem with the speed of writing to it. Help please. And if it is not difficult to post the actual firmware for the device and the instruction to it
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    You can lay out user guide for Egreat 8
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    I have a home network with three TVs, they work fine on DLNA from other media servers. But Egreat A8 constantly hangs or does not even start to show video files by DLNA. What can I do to set this service up?

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