Egreat first release 4K UHD Full Rip Menu function in the world 11th, May 2017

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  1. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Egreat first release 4K UHD Full Rip Menu function in the world 11th, May 2017

    Life changing everyday, High definition industry developing everyday,Technical breakthrough everyday. What an amazing surprise that Egreat gives to all HD fans today!

    Egreat released the beta firmware V1.2.0.0 to support 4K UHD Full Rip main movie playback on 4th, May 2017.

    Today Egreat releases the APK to support 4K UHD Full Rip Menu function on Android OS HD Media Player.And perfect support HDR, external dynamic special effect subtitle, audio&subtitle one key switch.

    Please download this updating APK only and install based on beta firmware V1.2.0.0 to experience.

    Download link:

    Desktop and player version: v2.1.1Size: 96021325 bytesTime: 12:03:06 11th,May 2017MD5: 42B9801EEDC131671F6DA03361728415


    Player: Support 4K UHD Full Rip Menu function


    1. This update is only Desktop and player APK, please install it directly

    2. After you download the APK zip file, please put it in U disk directory and connect with Egreat A10/A5, Then “Home Page”--”All Files”, then choose the APK and install.

    3. After installation, Choose Setting--General--More setting--App--EgreatPlayer, then click “force stop” and “clear data”

    4. Then press power button of the remote to turn off A10/A5, after 1 min, then restart A10/A5 again.

    5. After reboot,please Home page--setting--About--check the desktop and player version should be “2.1.1 beta”.

    Sharing the movie screenshot The.Smurfs.2.2013.COMPLETE.UHD.BLURAY-THRONE

    jiazai -2.jpg
    changjing   2.jpg
    zhuchuang 22.jpg
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  2. JayceOoi

    JayceOoi New Member

    Well done. Keep it up!!! :)
  3. piotr

    piotr Member

    it works really well
  4. Pabo

    Pabo New Member

    thanks a lot
  5. ps2br

    ps2br Member

    Only works by installing manually, could it implement in the new FW?
  6. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    yes...curious to know if if we have to install this or if we can wait for futur FW that includes this...and if so, what would be the advantages of these 2 methods ?;)

    i will however WAIT for a final VERSION in a few weeks...
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  7. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, sure, which will be in our next FW directly as normal. :)
  8. eddycmc

    eddycmc New Member

    Egreat rock......
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  9. sicboy101

    sicboy101 New Member

    any links for 4K Full Rip iso? :oops:
  10. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    No..look for is everywhere...bu don't even bother if your tv is not one of the dozen models that does REAL HDR!!!!
  11. sicboy101

    sicboy101 New Member

    thanks mate .
    i used LG Oled B6 . i think its capable HDR
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  12. Alex-NK

    Alex-NK New Member

    Hello @Rita!
    After installation all movie titles and posters are in Chinese.
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  13. New Member

    Press "Menu" button on the remote, choose "Data clean" to clear Chinese word, it will downloading Poster again and will show everything in English, good luck!

  14. Alex-NK

    Alex-NK New Member

    I did this several times and it doesn't work for me. Still in Chinese.
  15. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    Go back to older fw then!
  16. akanit

    akanit Member

    Scroll left, setting- library, remove and import HDD again.
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  17. Alex-NK

    Alex-NK New Member

    Yeah, this works! Thank you!
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  18. oxanna

    oxanna New Member

    sorry but where are on the web 4K UHD rip full 1.1 ???? here are only rip mkv HEvc , and they have not menu. it's impossible to have 4k uhd full rip 1.1
    because of hdcp 2.2 is not passed.
  19. oxanna

    oxanna New Member

    yes for me the same question. the 4k uhd full rip 1.1 don't exist on he web. there are only rip in mkv hevc, but hey have not menu.
  20. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    People are not willing to give pirated links here. You sure dont know how to look for stuff..and hdcp 2.2 seems to have been passed.. since the movie was ripped!

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