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    a new thread to talk about the


    Function :

    Recommended for use in the set of 4K UHD HDR content source, 4K HDR display (television, monitor, projector) and receiver without 4K HDR pass-through (AV receiver, sound bar, HDMI headphones, etc.).

    Compatible with :

    All-new Fire TV, Apple TV 4K, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Roku Ultra, Google Chromecast Ultra and other streaming media players
    PS4 Pro, Xbox One X & S and other video game consoles
    Blu-ray disc players without AUDIO ONLY HDMI OUT

    - If your receiver does not support 4K HDR pass-through and you would like to be able to take advantage of uncompressed multi-channel audio formats, such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, etc., streaming video on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, VUDU, YouTube, etc., playing games and watching Blu-ray movies, there are only 2 options:

    Upgrading so expensive AVR to a new one with HDMI 2.0 (the costliest option)

    Including of premium audio video splitter in home theater set (best bang for the buck)
    The AV splitter separates audio and video for hooking up to receiver and display respectively (do not mix up with ordinary HDMI splitter which divides signal into two streams).




    JitterClean technology
    HDMI 2.0a input
    HDMI 2.0a output
    HDMI 1.4a audio output
    BOTH, MAIN and AUDIO working modes which are switched by OUTPUT mode selection button


    Premium high speed 18Gbps 5 ft HDMI cable
    AC adapter
    User manual






    I received an Egreat H10 with a new Firmware.

    The new firmware fixes problems and adds support for dolby vision.


    Why buy a splitter

    I bought an H10 to have the HDR on my TV Sony 4K HDR with the Egreat A5 despite my Pioneer receiver that is not compatible with the HDR and does not support the Atmos and the DTS X.

    My son has an Xbox one S and he also wants to have the HDR with his games, the choice of the splitter Egreat H10 seems perfect for me.


    My equipement

    Sony 55XBR850D
    Pioneer SC-81
    Sony SS-LA300
    Egreat A5
    Egreat H10
    Xbox One S
    Egreat HDMI cable


    We immediately recognize the Egreat products with their box that are matte black and gold


    The device is very well protected, in the box is included a HDMI cable, the power cable, a user manual and the H10.


    The size of the H10 is : is very small and it weighs 243 grams.

    The manufacturing quality is excellent like all Egreat devices and I really like the aesthetics of the H10 and for those who have an Egreat A5 multimedia box, they will fit perfectly together.

    the H10 has High-grade aluminum alloy housing.



    On the front of the device we find a button : ON/OFF, 3 blue lights that correspond to the 3 modes, and a button to select one of the available modes.


    There is 3 HDMI port (2 HDMI 2.0A port and 1 HDMI 1.4 port for audio only), and the power supply socket on the back of the device


    You can also use it with an Egreat A10 or other multimedia device like a Xbox One S/X or a PS4.



    It takes 3 minutes to connect the H10 to other devices.


    You have to connect the multimedia device to the "HDMI INPUT" of the H10, then you connect the TV to the "HDMI MAIN" and finally you connect your receiver to the "HDMI AUDIO only".


    I select the AUDIO Mode by pressing the "OUTPUT" button to the right of the box, the sound is directed to my Pioneer and the image is sent to my Sony TV that's it that's all it can not be easier :)


    I am not an expert and I report what I see and what I hear :)

    BOTH mode : the sound is sent to the TV and the receiver Pioneer at the same time.

    AUDIO mode : the sound is only sent to the receiver Pioneer (this is the mode I use).

    MAIN mode : i have the sound on the Sony TV and no sound on the receiver Pioneer.

    You have the video on TV whatever the mode you will use.


    My Pioneer SC-81 Elite is not compatible with HDR and Atmos/DTS X.

    I checked with :

    mkv, ISO HD and UHD HDR

    The movies had soundtracks :

    DTS X / DTS HD MA / HRA / DTS / Atmos / Dolby Digital PLUS / Dolby Digital



    Audio signal

    On the left side the soundtrack of the movie, and on the right side what the receiver sends to the speakers, As can be seen here the results are perfect.

    Dolby Atmos : TrueHD
    Dolby TrueHD : TrueHD
    Dolby Digital PLUS : Dolby Digital PLUS
    Dolby digital : Dolby Digital

    DTS : DTS

    SDR/HDR signal

    the H10 switches correctly from SDR to HDR and vice versa, no problem to report everything is working properly.



    I used Assassin's Creed Origins and Gears of War 4

    HDR signal

    No problem the games (when they are compatible HDR) are in HDR on the TV. :)

    Audio signal

    if I choose in the options of the One S

    Bitstream : I have the choice of Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 and when I play I have Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS 5.1 on the VFD Pioneer.

    Uncompressed 7.1: I get PCM 7.1 on my Pioneer's display, it is perfect.

    The H10 gives me what I want, the HDR on TV and 5.1 / 7.1 multichannel sound on the sound system with my Xbox One S 8)




    Nothing, however, is perfect

    The LEDs are very bright and it will disturb the people who are in front of them (it is just my opinion)



    where can we buy it

    The futeko website has just confirmed that they will receive a new batch of Egreat H10 with the new Firmware, they will have just this model in stock which will avoid any surprise for those who wish to buy it.

    clic on



    Egreat offers us an excellent 4k HDR splitter at a small price

    if you are looking for a splitter 4K HDR to connect one of your multimedia devices, the Egreat H10 will be an excellent choice, that's my opinion after using it with my Xbox one S or my Egreat A5.


    If I had one wish :

    an H10 with the possibility of connecting two devices at the same time instead of one.

    to be continued...​
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    Hi all,

    Here is a follow-up to tell you that everything works perfectly.

    I did the following test to check the TV HDR mode, i tested by playing a HDR video from Egreat A5 with correct Egreat A5 HDR settings, followed by an SDR video with A5 settings set to SDR and vice versa and nothing to report.

    HDR10 / AUTO : ''AUTO mode'' switches to the right mode when watching a movie in HD or UHD HDR.

    HDR10 / SDR : ''SDR mode'' I check with a HD movie and a UHD HDR movie too and everything is correct, the Egreat A5 converts very well UHD HDR to SDR and the H10 has no problem.

    HDR10 / HDR : nothing to report, it works.

    For information:
    My H10 is turn ON H24 and it does not heat at all, not even warm.

    See you
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    Hi all,


    if in your daily use everything works, it is not necessary to update


    If you bought an H10 with the old FW (the new Firmware fixes a problem with the HDR / SDR and adds Dolby Vision), you have the possibility to update it, but it requires to dismount the case and to own / buy a cable like the one below.


    An example for french public :


    For those who want to have an idea of the work here is the tutorial, I open it with Word from the Office suite.

    update procedure


    The firmware, the software for the update and the procedure are in a compressed file of 13.2mo that I put on my account uptobox

    Download H10 Firmware


    See you​
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  4. WereWolf84

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    Hi Olivier,

    in step 5, after connect the cables, how to power on the PCBA?

    Also, this firmware is just update the compatibility of Dolby Vision? any other things it improved?
  5. ikkjr

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    Thanks a lot for posting the H10 latest firmware & procedure, it save me a lot of trouble from asking the dealer for update.

    Thanks again :)
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  6. Patrick Roza

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    hi @OlivierQC and @Rita

    I have installed the new firmware, but I still don't get Dolby Vision from my Apple TV 4k on my LG OLED B7D (latest 04.70.85 firmware).
    If I remove the H10, it works. If I replace the H10 with a HDFury AVRKey it also works..
    Please help!

    I tried connecting only the TV to MAIN, set the selector to BOTH or MAIN, still doesn't work :(
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  7. Rita

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    Hi @Patrick Roza , did you try other player to connect H10, can get Dolby Vision?
  8. adslinkato

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    I am an italian, european incomed customer.
    How I can identify if my H10 has onboard the old or the new firmware, without trying to joke with the Dolby Vision?
    Could you inform about the two different firmware release versions?
    Many THX!
  9. Despina

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    I received the H10 a few days ago. I connected an Apple TV 4k on my Lg oled through the splitter and the audio out on my Denon receiver. But there is no dolby vision support. How can we confirm what firmware version we have. It's been asked a lot of times but there is no answer. Since I received in late June it was supposed to be with new firmware. Has someone tested it with Apple TV 4k and got dolby vision?
  10. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Despina, we got this feedback, but we are not sure whether Apple TV support Dolby Version

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