Egreat H10 The First 4K HDMI 2.0a Audio&Video Spliter

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  1. Nice Monkey

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    The splitter is transparent and does not need licenses for Dolby, DTS, HDR, DV etc by my knowledge as it does not process those in any way. Just expect it to work also for DV.

    Handling DV content by a media player is a different subject and that for sure requires licenses and probably a certification process (Netflix does so).
  2. Sir oled

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    I follow your for the first part it's should be transparent but they know it's for using on media players, game consoles etc. They're very protective because they fear torrents and copyright issues. That's the reason why Netflix stepped in a anti -piracy alliance ,.
    In the past they haven't give a damn about such matters. Now when profit's has to be made and preserved they guard there DV content like a pit... to be continued;)
  3. Nice Monkey

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    According to Futeko also Dolby Vision works with H10. That is a very reliable source.;boardseen#new
    Not a surprise but good to be confirmed. :)

    H10 will output Audio & Video on the main port and Audio only on the audio port concurrently. If the TV does not support an advanced audio track but the AMP does then it still will sound fine via that AMP but obviously be silent on the TV. In fact this deviates from the manual (see attachment, scan made available by Futeko).

    Will Dolby Vision support come to media players? Personally doubt that very much. To be honest I don't have a clue if it is going to play a significant role in the consumer market at all? But this is off-topic here. :p

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  4. Shasarak

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    Yeah, that's the same Shasarak posting on that thread. :cool:
  5. Nice Monkey

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    Very big surprise as the threat is about H10. :)
    Still not a clue ha ha:p
  6. ikkjr

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    Rita, is the Audio-out port of H10 conforms to the hdmi 2.0a standard?
    I saw a review of A11 & stated that the Audio-out port is hdmi 1.4 only & the H10 uses the same chipset as A11.

    Can you please verify? Thanks.
  7. ikkjr

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  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    The Audio-Out port is specifically meant for back-level Receivers/Amplifiers with HDMI 1.4a support maximum. If your AMP is HDMI 2.0a capable there is no reason to use the H10 or the Audio-out on an A11 (implemented by adding the chip of H10.) The main port on A11 and the port on A10 are HDMI 2.0a and will work with all current media available straight away.
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  9. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Good question! But how should this be tested? I have seen AMP's that can put out 7.2.4 but this is then up-scaled audio. I don't know of any consumer media material published in native 7.2.4 format for input.
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  10. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, support.
  11. ikkjr

    ikkjr Member

    Thanks for the advice. The tricky part is my AV Amp only supports HDMI 2.0 but not HDMI 2.0a. It supports Atmos & can process 4K/60Hz video signal but unfortunately no HDR! That's the reason why I need the H10 splitter :(
  12. ikkjr

    ikkjr Member

    Rita, thanks for the prompt response :)

    However may I point out that the H10's spec. in post#1 shows it only support 7.1/5.1/2 channels (The Audio Channel under System Planning title)

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  13. Domenico

    Domenico New Member

    Good morning
    Yesterday I arrived, after about 2 weeks, but I must say that I was very puzzled about the operation, to say the least.
    Depending on how I turned it on, I had in the three modes: BOTH, MAIN and AUDIO the audio only on the TV but not on the amply decoder.
    Then turning it off and on again it happened that the audio on the TV I had it only in MAIN mode and the audio in the receiver decoder transited only in the other two modes.
    Another problem happened that the output of my network player that I had set 2160p, connected directly to the input of the splitter, sometimes I found myself in 720p.
    At the end I disconnected the whole and reconnected the output of the player directly to the decoder decoder (Yamaha RX-V775 HDMI 1.4) that only allows 4K pass-through, I will not have the HDR but at least a regular and stable firing, and the output of the player it remains always set at 2160p.

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  14. Zen Monkey

    Zen Monkey New Member

    Does the H10 splitter produce lag when used with gaming consoles?
  15. safari

    safari New Member

    Hi. I have 3yers old HDMI 1.4 3D DLP projector and 10 years old HDMI 1.3 AV-receiver. Will this device send signals BD3D 1.4 frame packing to main output and DTS-HD via hdmi 1.3 to second hdmi-sound output from xbox?
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  16. Justifier

    Justifier New Member

    I would also like to know the answer to this question. Does this box work with BD3D HDMI 1.4 frame packing to main output and second output HD audio (all formats) to hdmi 1.3 receiver?
  17. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    The connection is okay, and it support 1.3HDMI
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  18. safari

    safari New Member

    Thanks for reply, but I've bought new AV-reciever with HDMI2.0, 4K and new spacial codecs support.

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