Egreat Music Player is coming soon

Discussion in 'Functions Operation Guidance' started by Rita, May 14, 2018.

  1. the egreat music player can't play 5.1 LPCM but the himedia music player can ?
  2. nenito2k

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    maybe because of BETA ? or android 7 ? dunno....
  3. arcazal

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    More bugs found in the music player:
    If we press the pause button on both the remote control and the interface, when you give to play, go to the next song, instead of continuing from where we stopped it.
    There is also no way to go back to the "now playing" interface when browsing through folders or music files.
    They are inexplicable errors in such basic functions, after so much time waiting for the new music player. I hope that they solve the faults, added to those that I already explained before.

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