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  1. Tom.W

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    I ran across this post on the A10 thread on the AVS forum ....
    A quote from the AVS thread on the A10:

    " Warning: No Warranty on Performance
    So after many days of trying to get this box to work with no success, I gave up. Note that I do not say that this device completely does not work but on my network with its configuration, I was not able to get a smooth and stutter free playback. I had several reproducible issues with audio-only playback as well meaning that no local content could be satisfactorily played. Not video, not audio.

    I wrote to Egreat and asked to return the unit for a refund. Their first response was to request all kind of detailed videos, descriptions, etc and that I post them to You Tube for them. I replied that I had no interest in being a beta tester, that I would provide whatever details of my setup they required and I would do one test of their recommended settings and give them whatever detailed performance info they needed. But there had to be a point where the unit was recognized as non-working.

    The response to this was to tell me their "warranty" for "not liking" the product was only seven days, and for "repairing" a defective product was only 30 days. Since I had the device three weeks, I was past the "not liking" stage and could only have the unit "repaired, and only then if I paid shipping. No explanation given as to what if anything needs "repair" [other than their business practices].

    So be advised that the company makes *zero* guarantee that the unit will do any of the things they claim and that you have exactly 7 days to fully prove that the unit will or will not work for you. "

    So what is the return policy exactly ?
  2. Rita

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  3. Tom.W

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    Thanks Rita I posted your message on the thread at AVS.But what exactly is and is not covered buy YOUR 1 year warranty and who pays for return shipping and when ? It would be nice if you had repair centers other than China...
  4. Robert Ylvestedt

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    This is actually a really hot topic and it needs to be clarified exactly what policies Egreat have.
  5. wedgehog

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    They have to abide by the UK law and in the UK you are covered by the distance selling regulations, look them up, you have 30 days in which you can return the unit for any reason.
  6. Administrator

    Egreat are a Chinese company and have to abide by Chinese law.

    However, if you bought the item from a UK retailer (like us - futeko) then we have to abide by UK law.

    The above customer is not one of ours. All products sold by us have 30 days no questions return for refund (more than UK law 7 days) and one year warranty. Check out the links at the bottom of our site for more info.
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  7. wedgehog

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    Yes, I did of course presume he was a UK customer, sorry.

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