Egreate H10 dows not save resolutions

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  1. shay

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    I just received Egreat H10 HDMI splitter but it has a big problem. i does not save the resolutions. each time i close my TV and my Receiver and then open it again all resolution to my devices are gone and i have to set all over again why?

    I tried to connect your device to Xiaomi Mi Box and To standard PC but each time i close my TV and receiver the resolution are gone and i have to reset all the resolution like in the fist time why? i can not use this item like this???

  2. shay

    shay New Member

    i will further explain about the problem:

    First my TV is Samsung 50MU7000 with full 4k and HDR support
    My receiver is Yamaha RX-V1900

    1) I tired to use Egreat H10 with 2 media players: one is "Xiaomi Mi TV Box" and the second with my standard PC with graphic card gigabyte radeon rx550.

    Both devices, the xiaomi Mi TV Box and my PC change their resolutions when i switch my TV and Receiver off and on again.

    after i switch it On i have to change again the resolution on them like on the first time. the resolution of the Xiaomi TV Box return to defualt 720p and for my pc to defualt 1080p indeted of full 4k like they both work without the Egreat H10.

    2) if i do not connect Egreat H10 to my Xiaomi Mi tv box the resolution does not change. the same for my PC.
    If i connect them directly to the TV their is no problem. only when i connect them to Egreat H10 first.

    I must add that when all connected and turn on the Egreat H10 work fine with 4k to the Tv and full support of Audio to my receiver. but the problem that all change when i turn my TV and receiver off and then on again.

    The resolution change as i see it because the egreat H10 scan the resolution from the Tv and from the receiver all the time when i turn them on and then probably the Xiaomi Mi TV box and PC recognized it and return the their default resolution. this is a big problem that the Egreat H10 cause to connected devices.

    i will appreciate any help resolving the problem?
  3. Richard Xu

    Richard Xu Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you for your message , and i will have my team look into it :)
  4. shay

    shay New Member

    I asked the seller i bought the item from the same question i asked here. the seller contact Egreat Technical Engineer and this is what he said:

    1. The TV Box resolution is mostly self-adaptive. When adds a device in the middle (Such as H10), if the middle device does not boot ( (Such as H10)), or the TV Box can not detect HDMI, the resolution will be automatically adjusted.
    2. But our player's resolution is forced to turn off the resolution adaptation function. You just encountered the H10. If you encounter other HDMI devices, it is also possible to adjust the resolution automatically. This is a problem on the player, not on H10.

    and then told me to try Egreat A5 TV Box.

    So in another words you only support your TV Box not other Brands Tv Box? and not the most popular one like Xiaomi Tv Box?

    I must add that if i knew this item does not support anything else bu your own brand i never would have bought it and in this price range this item is very disappointing!!!
  5. Administrator

    Egreat H10 supports all HDMI input devices equally, it makes zero difference which brand they are.

    If I understand correctly, the Xiaomi box and the PC are changing resolution when connected to the H10?

    If this is the case isn't there an option in settings of both to make whatever resolution you set stick? I am 99% sure there will be. 100% sure for a PC.

    The Egreat reply refers to this feature on the Egreat boxes called 'HDMI auto adaptation' as example only.
  6. shay

    shay New Member

    I can choose resolution and it stick when the HDMI are connected full time, but your Egreat H10 acts like it disconnect the HDMI each and every time i turn on the Tv. you made it like so.

    When turning on the TV the H10 start to recognize the Tv resolution. when it does so it acts like disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI cable with it's new resolution. in that point the devices connected to the H10 recognize it like you unplugging and replugging the HDMI cable and return to their original default resolution.

    This is a serious design flaw!! a lot of devise recognize HDMI unplugging you should made better recognizing algorithm then this? you should have save state of last resolution then compare to the new one and change only if there was any change. not changing it each and every time the Tv is turn on and off!!!

    Your device have potential but very poorly design!!! it does not compatible to any devices that recognize HDMI cable sense only to devices that can set the resolution without any sense. most of devices today are smart and do sense the HDMI cable so most devices will have problem with your Egreat H10!!!
  7. Administrator

    I am just a reseller, but all I can say is that you are the first customer I know of to report this problem.

    The device with firmware V2 works well with PS4, many media players, BD players etc.

    I still don't understand why you can't simply set the Xiaomi to output at a set resolution. If it really doesn't have that setting then it's a big failure of Xiaomi's firmware.
  8. shay

    shay New Member


    Thank you for your comments and help but their is a lot of reports on the internet saying the same on this Egreat H10 you can check the forums.

    About setting the resolution you can set fix resolution on every devices but all smart devices sense HDMI cable unplugging. i will give you an example let say you use one devise with 4k TV and set it's resolution to 4k and now you disconnect this device and connect it to full HD Tv.
    If the device will not sense the HDMI cable was unplugged the resolution will stay on 4k you will not see anything on the full HD TV and can not use the device.

    This is way all smart devices today sense the HDMI cable plug and unplug and when they sense the cable was disconnected they automatically return to their default resolution they all TV will work on. the Xiaomi Mi Box return to 720p by default.

    As you see the Egreat H10 simulate cable plug and unplug when it recognize the Tv resolution each and every time you open or close the TV. As you can see this is a serious design flaw and will have problem with most new and smart devices that are connected to it.
  9. shay

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    and i checked it not only with Xiaomi Mi Box as i told you it does not work with Standard Pc with Graphic card Gigabyte redeon Rx550, it also make the same problem when i connect it my cables TV and so on and on. as i say all smart devices today have HDMI cable sense...

    The hdmi self adaption is when the device tries to find the TV current resolution after it detect is was connected to the a new TV, and this is also not work all the time.

    As i told you before the design of this product have a big design flaw in its work. what the engineers should have done to prevent all those problem was to save the last known resolution and when the H10 tries to find the new resolution from the TV compare it to the last known resolution. then only if it find any changes in the resolution then change to the new resolution.

    With this only when you change TV it will happens and only then you will have to set the new resolution. not each and every time you open the TV.
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