Good news: Egreat R6S-II Updated Firmare 1.0.35 Available Now

Discussion in 'R6S-II 4K UHD Media Player.' started by Dennis, Dec 13, 2016.

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    I'm using an egreat R6S II, v 1.0.35.
    When I want to play any .iso file I get to the dvd menu and when I press play the app is closing and gets back to file list. I'm using standard video player.
    Another problem it's with Google play apps. Most of the apps are not working properly because they don't know how to relate to media player.
    More exactly the player is not announcing itself as a device (ex. mobile device, etc) therefore the app starts as for mobile and most of the remote commands are not working.
    Tested so far with: Netflix, HBO GO, RDS Online TV.
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