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    I'm new to the forum - I'm interested in buying the A11 because it has dual HDMI output. I have an excellent legacy Pioneer amp which only accepts Multi-Channel 7.1 (analogue) inputs but is fed by a HDMI to 7.1 Multi-Channel switch. If I feed 7.1 LPCM into the switch, it can then send it to my amp.

    Can you confirm that the A11's Audio HDMI passes through DTS HD-MA / Dolby True / Dolby Atmos as 7.1 LPCM please? My Bluray Player - Samsung UBD-K8500 - can. So I route the HDMI (main) to my TV and the HDMI (audio) to my switch, which feeds uncompressed HD audio through to my amp & speakers.

    Please confirm how the HDMI (Audio) works please as this will be the main criteria in buying this product. I am not interested if it only downsamples to Dolby Digital.

    Hope someone can help me please

    Thank you

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    Hi mate, I think most of what you are asking is already covered within the main thread at the top of this page
    But briefly, yes it passess everything including Atmos, I get it all on my Yamaha amp.
    There are two HDMI outputs on the back, you can either have the main one to the TV and the second one sending just the sound to the amp (Selectable in the settings menu)

    Or you can set it up to send the sound and vision down one HDMI lead if you have a HDMI 2,2 capable amp whereby you can send the sound and video through your amp to your TV

    I see the code link box does not work as it should above, sheesh! what a crap forum!
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    Thank you for your quick response it's much appreciated. Yes I am aware of what you say and what is stated in this specific forum. However I particularly need to know if the audio HDMI will pass through decoded 7.1 LPCM. There is reference to this in the A10 forum, a firmware update sorted this (, I think, and really need to know specifically for the A11 before I pull the trigger and buy this unit.
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    I don't think it decodes anything, just passes it to your surround amp which is supposed to do the decoding
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    Sure it does appear that it was definitely added to the firmware for those models, but I have seen nothing in the setup menu's of the A11 about decoding, but then I wasn't really looking for it as I don't need it, so hopefully I am wrong and someone will come along and help you Rozel.
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    Thanks again. I wrote earlier this morning to Futeko who confirm that: -

    "Audio (including 7.1) can be set to output as multi-channel LPCM via HDMI. The changes from the firmware are incorporated in all later version number firmwares for A5/A10/A11. The reason A11 isn't mentioned in relation to the feature is that A11 had yet to be released when it was implemented in June. It converts the True-HD, DTS MA etc bitstream into multi-channel LPCM."

    So there you go! On the back of this, I've bought an A11 and looking forward to setting it up and getting it to work. I guess the UI will have a setting somewhere regarding LPCM, in fact reading the review here: -


    Theres a Sound Setting, saying "LPCM Compatible" - not sure what this means exactly and a poster has said LPCM passthrough isn't possible. But I'm prepared to believe Futeko for now. If the A11 doesn't send through Converted 7.1 LPCM through the HDMI (Audio) output, then I'll send it back straight away.
  8. well ive not seen anything that says it can convert dolby th or dts ma to lpcm ,i will say that the second hdmi out for audio is flaky with sending dolby truehd and dts ma audio some times it will work straight away and then sometimes it don't , i don't if thats what anybody else is seeing but it is for me hoping the next firmware will sort it out .
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    Correct. Either you get the dumb Dolby Digital/ DTS, or the HD / Master, or no sound at all. Very unreliable and completely unpredictable. For me it was mostly no sound at all and the only way to get it back was a restart from the power switch.
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    Hi guys

    I managed to set the A11 up in my system and have been tinkering. The picture quality is superb but try as I may, I cannot get 5.1/7.1 Converted LPCM through my speakers, just 2 channel LPCM.

    Checked and checked my settings, but cannot change this state of affairs. Futeko (Simon) are helping me but I have a bad feeling about this. Surely the whole point of a dual HDMI port setup is for people like me with legacy receivers, not capable per se to playback HD audio, except via Multi-Channel 7.1 inputs. No good testing bitstream, my amp has no HDMI ports, so I must rely on my switch. It works perfectly with Samsung and Panasonic dual HDMI blu-Ray players. But from what you guys are saying, bitstream (passthrough) isn't working either!

    My guess is that it isn't converting DTS HD-MA or Dolby True HD audio to 5.1/7.1 LPCM just down-sampling to vanilla 2 channel LPCM. One thing that Simon has advised, is that only 2 channel LPCM can be obtained via VidOn (Kodi), so therfore it must be assumed that 5.1/7.1 LPCM is only obtainable on the A11's in built player, if at all.

    Not had any flakyness though, sound is fine (albeit 2 channel) and picture not stuttering so it's a clear sound fault. I am asking for further support and I'll report what transpires.

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  12. rozel

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    Hi all

    Simon eventually confirmed what you advised me and what I feared in that the A11 DOES NOT CONVERT the HD audio signals. He apologised for giving me incorrect information. After some head scratching, I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my Receiver to a modern one which accepts HDMI inputs - I upgraded my old Pioneer to a Yamaha Adventage RX-1070, which sounds superb.

    Spent Christmas and the New Year fiddling about and want to advise what I'm finding. I am utilising the A11's dual HDMI's and so far the Audio is breathtaking. I do have one question - see later. Video-wise I need to know what the best or available settings should be for my Samsung KS9500 TV. I've read much about the A11 not storing the 10bit settings but cannot fathom out what my available options are until it all sorts itself out, hopefully with a firmware upgrade. I am using the current firmware.

    These are my questions: -

    1. I have read somewhere that Dolby Atmos / DTS X audio signals cannot pass through the Audio (HDMI 1.4) port - is this correct?

    2. It seems my Receiver cannot display the actual signals being received but not sure if this is my settings on the receiver. My speakers are set to 7.1 configuration though but on normal DTS HD-MA / Dolby True signals, I would have expected the receiver to display what's being received. I shall take this up in another forum, unless someone on here has an Adventage Receiver from Yamaha and can comment.

    3. Now this is my main issue - Blurays are fantastic - they play superbly and the A11 outclasses my Dune HD Base 3D media player on all levels. However when I playback UHD HDR Blurays, after about 35 to 45 mins into the movie, I get stuttering. It's really bad, coming and going. I have found the solution to be pausing the movie for about a minute or two then un-pausing and it continues fine. Now I believe this is a buffering issue. I play back through the A11's harware player but there aren't any buffer settings to adjust. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have I got some settings wrong? I figure that as the video plays back fine it has nothing to do with my ethernet cabling. I haven't fully explored the HDMI cable from my Receiver to my TV yet though but I haven't had any issues playing UHD Bluray discs via my Samsung UHD8500 player. If I have everything set up properly though, this then brings me on to my last question.....

    4. KODI playback. I have been advised that KODI doesn't like HD Audio passthrough - is this correct? I haven't tried playback using KODI as I really want to have hardware playback. If KODI supports HD Audio, then I do see there are buffer settings.

    I hope someone can help me with some answers please as I really like this media player - can live with the video settings but the Audio is what is important to me.

    Many thanks once more - EDIT - cable from Receiver to TV is one of the cables in the A11's box! - so no issues here.

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  13. hi rozel
    question 1 ,is incorrect you should have no problems playing back dolby atmos/ dtsx through hdmi 1.4 port
    question 2 your receiver should light up with the corresponding signal on the receiver make sure you have ticked the compatible amp settings all should be ticked and the dts/true hd compatible mode ticked if they are ticked could be a setting in the receiver.
    question 3 that is buffering it depends how you are streaming your content is home plug's wifi the best way would be by ethernet cable from your nas there should be no buffering if you have hard drive in the front bay bit more info please .
    question 4 kodi as no problems playing back hd audio and hdr passthrough ,i've found that it doesn't like the intesevie skins like titan i stick to the Aeon nox or confluence.
  14. rozel

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    Hi Darren - thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.

    I will check all settings you have mentioned. I stream to the A11 from a NAS, which is ethernet connected. Maybe I ought to try Kodi to playback then to see if the buffer settings help. I'll report back tomorrow.

    Thanks again

  15. I do get some buffering most about 5, seconds is your nas a decent spec
  16. rozel

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    Hi again Darren

    All the audio settings you mention are already in place.

    My NAS is a Netgear RN104. Not sure though what you mean by having a decent spec? It is of course Gigabit ethernet capable and has proved marvellously well in serving my Blurays. The fact that I'm getting buffering isn't to do with the NAS, I don't think. I read this on a forum: - "It doesn't make sense to look for a NAS that can stream 4K , all the NAS has to be able to do is supply the data , so any nas capable of gigabit speeds ( these days that's all of them ) can stream 4K content. You are not likely to find what content a nas can stream in the specs , a Nas serves data and the only specs that matter are its bandwidth limits."

    So unless I'm missing something, I don't think it has anything to do with the Cabling (HDMI / Ethernet) or the NAS. I haven't as yet tried to install a HDD in the front bay - this would be an excellent way of testing whether it's the cabling or not, for sure. But setting up a drive seems complex. I have a 1Tb drive spare that I could use though. I don't think you can format using an external drive encloseure in one of the PC's USB ports can you? I would probably need to disconnect a drive in my PC, replacing it with the 1Tb one and format somehow in Windows Disk Management system - what do you think?

    But I wonder what the 4K Video settings should be? I have them set to UHD 4K 60Hz and YCbCr420 10bit. Not sure if the latter is saving so lets assume it's set to YCbCr420 8bit. Is the 60Hz asking too much of the HDMI 18gbps cabling, or am I on the wrong track? I haven't yet been able to test a setting of say UHD 4K 30Hz to see if this makes any difference - what do you think? And would this make any noticeable difference to the quality of picture? My TV is a UE65-KS9500 bought a year ago.

    On the KODI front, I'm struggling to play anything - total seriously bad stuttering on even std Blurays the very instant I try to play them. I guess I have some setting(s) there too that I need to look at, can you help here as well please?

    Many thanks for staying with me here and hope you can guide me some more here.


  17. these are my settings 2160p30 / YCbCr 444 / 10Bit / HDR auto this is for a mixture of blu-ray and 4k films try these settings and see if you get any buffering first and then just to rule out a couple of things what rating is your ethernet cable go with a cat 7 see if that makes a difference also you could try and swap out the hdmi cable for another compatible hdmi cable just to make sure it's not a faulty cable you can format a drive in a enclosure if it shows up on your computer as a drive you can format it. ,kodi go to system /video/ acceleration make sure all the settings are ticked
  18. Gaara80

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    Why do you set 2160 30hz instead of 24hz or 60?
  19. these are what oliverqc recommended on the futeko web site and i have mix of 1080p and uhd films works great for me
    1st choice

    You have a mix of 1080p and UHD movies in your videos collection and do not want to change the settings every 5 minutes of your UHD HDR TV.

    2160p30 / YCbCr 444 / 10Bit / HDR auto

    With these parameters you will be able to see your films HD and UHD HDR without problems.
  20. Gaara80

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    Ok but i stil don't understand why 30hz? Even the full hd are in 24hz (23.976fps), than why the 30?

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