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  1. Actpower

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    Hi!. I have a new Egreat A5, and have a question about Imprex Engine.

    I have set the SDR option for the HDR output, as I want to connect to a 1080P SDR Projector, and the Imprex Engine appear to don´t work.

    If try to cycle to the different types of Display Modes, it don´t change the image.

    Trying to make some adjustments over there the results is nothing. Also, trying to switch off and on the Imprex Engine and make changes show no effect in the image.

    What I doing wrong?

    Also, I have noticed that the HDR to SDR conversion is not accurate, there is clipping in the reds and yellows, as this photo I take:

    This is with HDR:

    This is the SDR Conversion from Egreat:


    I don´t know if making adjustments via the Imprex Engine will restore or minimize that loss of colours (clipping), but they don´t work :-(

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Actpower

    Actpower New Member

    Hi Again!.

    I have played a bit today, and discovered that the presets WORKS when the media is SDR in 1080P. Everything else doesn´t work. Even the "Imprex Engine" itself, playing SDR or HDR vídeos (forcing SDR mode of course).

    Anyone have any hint?

  3. E_CS

    E_CS Active Member

    Like you alredy see HDR standard doesn't allow picture alteration, picture need to be displayed as is in metadata. So Imprex Engine is not apply for HDR or HDR to SDR output, can be apply only on SDR mode for SDR contend.

    BTW I didn't see colors clipping on my full HD TV, ensure TV picture is set to screen to fit or similar option for eliminate 2.5% overscale for 16:9 picture and Egreat box display size is set to 100%.
  4. Actpower

    Actpower New Member

    I don´t know...if the Imprex engine only works in SDR, why there is a option to manage the HDR saturation?.

    About the color clipping, is the HDR to SDR conversion done by the Egreat, you can see in the photos above. Is not correct. There is a loss of information, and a noticeable push on the red spectrum. There is more photos here:






    SDR CONVERTED (This is more noticeable!):


    What relation have the the issues that I get with the overscale?. It don´t make sense. Indeed, there is NOT overscale applied, the images are 100% sized.

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