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Discussion in 'Functions Operation Guidance' started by Eugenio, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Eugenio

    Eugenio New Member

    I am new to egreat and about to buy an A5 unit.
    My only interest is to watch movies I have in HDD
    Most of them are ISO files from 50GB (Dual layer BDs)
    My question is if this player can play this files "out of the box" with no trouble.
    I have at home three WD TV Live old units and they CAN play this files but sometimes are stops, an after a couple of seconds, they continue. ( I think that this is due the high bitrate of these movies (35/40 Mbit/sec) and the old technology of my players.
    I woul like to play the ISO files without converting to MKV, and with menues if possible.
    Thanks any advice or suggestion.
  2. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    did you read the technical description of the device ? and i advise to read the bugtracker thread (just post #1) you have all issues there.
  3. Flafik

    Flafik Member

    I on egreat A5 with 2D blu-ray have no problems now, and here with 3D there are defects - but they refer to fault of the processor - allegedly not their jamb. here very much I wait for Android 7 in hope that will correct errors in 3D and there will be everything very smoothly as well as in 2D.
  4. JDMils

    JDMils New Member

    I understand where you are coming from Eugenio, as a lot of products these days say they can do everything and end up doing not much. I'm not an owner of the product, but you should consider that by what you are saying that you have an issue where the video files being streamed are suffering from caching/pausing/buffering, then it could be your device or it could be your network. You should first test on another device, being say a PC connected to the network and see if it streams OK however note also that you should never compare a PC to a media player for direct comparison as the PC will always be quicker as it has dedicated hardware whereas most media players have SoC (System On a Chip) circuitry.

    You can also use test files from one of my favourite sites to test streaming.

    Back to your question, it seems the marketing of the A5 product says it supports what you want ("Support Full Format Blu-ray 3D Movies Display"). For more information look for reviews of the product!

    Just found this which should help you out quite well:

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