iso uhd dolby vision signal passthtrough

Discussion in 'H10 4K HDMI 2.0a Audio&Video Spliter' started by juveunu, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. juveunu

    juveunu New Member

    if anyone knows for sure if is it possible to get ISO UHD dolby vision signal output with Egreat A10 in combination with Egreat spliter H10 because the last firmware confirm 100% to have dolby vision suport
    mean time Egreat A10 have only suport for hdr 10 and maybe 10+ passthrough signal so can be that possible people? If some one can answer just be to the subject no bla bla no monkeybusiness please
  2. Karl

    Karl Active Member

    Currently no media players output a Dolby Vision signal even if the ripped iso contains it, this includes the A10.

    Some Blu-ray Disc players such as Oppo, Sony etc will output Dolby Vision.

    The H10 will passthrough Dolby Vision if it is contained in the input signal.

    So if you connect the H10 to the A10 you will not get Dolby Vision.
    If you connect the H10 to a Blu-ray disc player that supports Dolby Vision you will.

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