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  1. stefano nacci

    stefano nacci Member

    what are the differences between kodi and vidon. because all people knows very well kodi but not vidon.
    you can give the exact explanation of the two different software. because the base of the great success of Himedia q5 / 10 pro and other Android model is kodi . if you do not convince the world that
    vidon is the same height as kodi, it will not be a success. I think.
    also kodi is free and every one can download the new version from web, otherwise Vidon have
    2 version, vidon- xbmc and vidon-xbmc pro ( that we must to be paid at least 3.99 usd)
    what version mount egret A5 ???
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  2. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    Egreat A5/A10 come with FREE subscription until 2035 for VidOnXBMC Pro.
    - VidOnXBMC_v1.6.1.2_dev_2017, not working with other device that Egreat A5/A10.
    - Support audio HD, HDR, 3D SBS/TAB, 3D frames packed, BD Menu, BD J Menu, Auto switch framerate.
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  3. stefano nacci

    stefano nacci Member

    where can downloaded VidOnXBMC v1.6.1.2 , because on the offical site www.vidon.me , there is the 1 4.2.1 . old version
  4. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    VidOnXBMC v1.6.1.2 only can be available in Egreat A5/A10, thanks.
  5. 808bluray

    808bluray New Member

    but for this included vidon xbmc pro, do you have to login to vidon's server or is it already activated in A5/A10 ? if have to log in, I'm afraid one day their licensing server may shut down and all the great features will be gone.
  6. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Vidon XBMC Pro in Egreat A5/A10 are totally free all the time. :)
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  7. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Rita or @Morgan @Dennis it seems nobody asked the question so here i go:

    - will there be in the future (in next 12 months or so) a new version for VidOnXBMC for egreat based on krypton code ? it would be great....
  8. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks @nenito2k , so far, we more focus on make Egreat player, Vidon XBMC player more perfect function. In the future, if we have any new step on Vidon XBMC, we will let our all users and fans know, thanks. :)
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  9. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Rita and @Dennis or @Morgan :

    just GOT an ANSWER from my mail from a certain SARAH from vidon.me and to my great surprise she announced ":

    so sorry to tell you that Vidon XBMC has been ceased in development and sales. which means, there won't be any development release for Vidon XBMC.
    Sorry for any inconvenience we caused"

    What ?! one one the main reasons people and me got the egreat is because of this vidon and OTA updates....that is bad news and egreat should mention that there won't be any new version...

    since there is a licence for 30 years....my questions are

    1- does this version of vidon come from the egreat engineers ?
    2- i know Rita said egreat is focusing on their player....but can we hope that you will continue to upgrade vidon for your device and release therefore your specific version of KODI (that works bad on egreat)? Zidoo have their own fork of KODI, MINIX have their own version of KODI and other manufacturers too. So maybe it is something you can do as it would add great value to your customers.

    Curious to hear thoughts of @Nice Monkey and @E_CS @Ceaca , @Caesarea on all this....
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  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    Why does this not surprise me? There was only real money in selling Vidon Pro which:
    - Offering HD audio passthrough ==> Probably get this with KODI 17.1+
    - Offering 3D bluray ==> Probably get this with KODI 17.1+
    - Offering BD Menus ==> Probably get this with KODI 17.1+
    - Offering a zillion of half pré-loaded add-on's for streaming ==> Probably get a policeman on their doorstep and potentially even yours too.
    So where is the Vidon business model leading to? ==> Pull the plug, which I would too being in their shoes!:(

    For Egreat it bought them precious development time, if they were aware of this which likely is the case?
    If this is definite, then an adapted KODI alternative road-map should be revealed as an answer. :D
    Reason for a panic or to be mad/disappointed? Not really, I could speculate about a few realistic alternatives myself! ;)
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  11. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    Confuse VidonXBMC from vidon.me witch not event support SoC Hi3798CV200, with special developed version for Egreat A10/A5 of VidonXBMC Pro.
    VidonXBMC Pro for Egreat A10/A5 is result of Egreat collaboration with Vidon and can't get support for it on vidon.me site.
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  12. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @E_CS yes i know...what you say...but i told vidon..about the pro version for egreat device..and got that answer. They ceased all development...! I am with @Nice Monkey on this one egreat would be wise to continue developing their specific fork of vidon...it would add great value to their device and they could officially compete with zidoo.
    The main reason for the Minix success is that they have their own version of kodi: xbmc minix !
    Please egreat!
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  13. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    here is the next step you should consider: as egreat vidon is based on kodi jarvis, there is a serious ISSUE on IPTV !!! the reason is simple there are much less links on Kodi 16/egreat-vidon than in Kodi 17 because all new links use SSL/HTTPS encryption which is only supported on Kodi 17/18 that is why @Dennis @Morgan and the rest of the team need to consider upgrading vidon.
    Like i said, vidon pro is one of the main reasons people (and me) buy the egreat..if no updates are done..it will become a big problem, like the one i mention above...

    if any user - @E_CS, @Ceaca, @Nice Monkey, @Caesarea - can offer any king of workaround, i will be glad to hear it form you or egreat (aside from telling me to install kodi 17 ..that has its own issues vs vidon!)
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  14. Sogreat

    Sogreat New Member

    Just download SPMC and be done with it... Add kodi 17 and you have the best of both worlds.
  15. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    Nope... @Sogreat like i specifically said above..spmc and kodi 17 are only 8bits..dont have 4k nor REC 2020 etc etc...that is the reason why i asked egreat. Vidon is the best of both worlds...But egreat advertises it as being upgradable...and hopefully that is true and users will get some new features/code enhancements (like newer python version!) !
    As of now...vidon pro 1.6.1 is no longer good for IPTV for example..
    That is the whole point of this topic

    early may 2017, Zidoo, updated their kodi fork to 17.1, so i am sure egreat will keep on updating their kodi too :)
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  16. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi All Egreat fans and users,

    Thanks for all supports for our Egreat, please refer to the below info.
    1. Egreat main works and focus are on Egreat player function improvement and optimization. So most of our time spend to fix and update Egreat Player.
    2. Regarding VidonXBMC, so far, even the version is old, but the functions are stable and perfect. We may upgrade VidonXBMC to 17.0 or 18.0 or the newest version directly when Kodi version is stable enough in the future.
    3. In the future firmware, VidonXBMC will be available to be deleted, so that some users don't like VidonXBMC and want to install Kodi 17.0.
    4. All of Egreat thinking are to provide best, comfortable and professional Android HDD Media Player for our Egreat all fans and users. :)

    Thanks for all again.
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  17. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Rita and @E_CS @Sogreat and @Nice Monkey

    WHAT should i put in the hardware acceleration MENU ?

    1- media codec (surface)
    2-media codec
    3- hisilicon codec

    which one should i put on or off ?! at the moment i have all 3 ON !

    i ask because PQ seems better on egreat player than vidon...and i know they should be identical !
    Also those setting are important regarding IPTV
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  18. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    I can't help here as frankly use Vidon, KODI just casually and mainly for testing. I do like the plain and simple players.
  19. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    what is your advice @E_CS ? turn off one of them i guess, but what ?
  20. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    @nenito2k Our R&D is optimizing this, which will be okay soon.
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