Method to add nfo file poster.jpg by hand

Discussion in 'Functions Operation Guidance' started by Rita, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Pitty

    Pitty New Member

    Sorry, I need some help for my A5.

    I tried both possible location for my BD_ISO files .

    First I added the


    in the folder of


    and could not get the information nor the poster to be displayed. Then I added the


    to the BD-structure


    before building the ISO. Could not make the info nor poster visible with firmware

    Could someone please post a short sample *.nfo file ? Maybe I have not edited this correctely.

  2. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Please check the whole talk, then you can find the way to solve, thanks.
  3. ps2br

    ps2br Member

    Hi Rita , this index.nfo file , need to have any information inside the file? Or blank.
  4. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, you need edit info in this file, so that you can see it on detail page.
  5. ps2br

    ps2br Member

    Thanks Rita ,

    Could you show me a sample of how this file should look?

    Usually when we download a movie, it accompanies the nfo file with movie data and other technical information, is this what need? Or something specific to work on posterwall?
  6. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, this file should include this info "Usually when we download a movie, it accompanies the nfo file with movie data and other technical information"
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  7. Bigpen

    Bigpen New Member

    Dear Egreat,

    Can I suggest that, when there is no xxx.nfo file, the system will still display the thumbnail with xxx-poster.jpg and using the filename as Title. It will save us time to create NFO files if someone only want to see the posters! Thanks in advance.
  8. What if I do not have an ifo file? Can I create one?
  9. Bigpen

    Bigpen New Member

    yes, you can.
  10. Bigpen

    Bigpen New Member

    But it seems nfo cannot override the default movie info or poster if.

    Rita, how can we manually correct the wrong poster with nfo and xxx-poster.jpg?
  11. @Bigpen How do I create an nfo file for those video files that do not have one? TIA
  12. Bigpen

    Bigpen New Member

  13. wstudio

    wstudio New Member

    @Rita, I've got an issue with some movie and TV-Show not indexed properly by poster2.0. I tried the method you indicated above.

    1) the movie is in BDMV format, the BDMV directory is within the MOVIE_TITLE directory located on HDD1.
    I created a index.nfo file containing the IMDB link to this movie i.e.*******/ following the recommandation from
    the index.nfo file is located in the MOVIE_TITLE directory.

    2) regarding the TV Show , episodes are located on NAS, under a TV_TITLE directory. I added a file named tvshow.nfo in this directory as shown by @E_CS above.
    the tvshow.nfo is also containing the link to IMDB.

    unfortunately this is not working. May you help me with this matter?

    kind regards
  14. Flavius

    Flavius New Member

    Dear All,

    I tried to put covers on the movie folders, using the above descriptions. Most probably I'm doing something wrong, because I do not see the covers.

    First of all: we have to have a nfo file. But those fils what shoud contein? What info has tobe inside? I'm using the aplication Cool Bean NFO to generat the files (the NFO files), but it seams it is not ok. Should I use other type of aplication? What whould you recommend? In my movie collection I do not have the NFO files.

    Secondly: what is the corect naming for the files? For instance, I have the movie: Black Hawk Down (2006). so I named the files as follows: Black Hawk Down (2206)-poster.jpg - the A11 did not read the file and also I named the files simply poster.jpg - same result.

    I placed the files first in the route folder, having:

    Black Hawk Down (2006)

    in the second try I moved the file to:
    Black Hawk Down (2006)

    still not working.

    @Rita please help me out in a step by step instruction how to do it.

    Thank you in adcance,
    Best regards,
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  15. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    For me working pretty well like that
    Black Hawk Down (2006)
    Black Hawk Down (2006)-poster.jpg
    Black Hawk Down (2006)-fanart.jpg
  16. Flavius

    Flavius New Member

    I made several test. The result was, that is very important to right correctly the name of the movie - more exactly, to have the name written exactly like in the date base. Other wise, the application will not recognize it.

    Another question: how can I add more date bases (web sites links) the scraper?
  17. Flavius

    Flavius New Member

    Thank you for the info!
  18. Flavius

    Flavius New Member

    How you generate the Fan Art? What application are you using?
    Thank you,
  19. i simply cannot get it to work i am trying Bumblebee , i use media info to create text file i copy all the info inside the text to an nfo , i rename everything as the title movie and -poster.jpeg and the same poster as before comes up again. Any help guys? Thank you
  20. McBluna

    McBluna Member

    I'm using MediaElch for creating Kodi/EGreat conform nfo files. For understanding the nfo format you could checkout Kodi Wiki.

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