My Egreat R6S Pro will not turn on!

Discussion in 'Cooperation and Development.' started by thewizardoz, Dec 8, 2017.

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    My Egreat R6S Pro will not turn on!
    I have loved this media player ever since I bought one and I even bought a couple more of them and gave them to family as gifts. I upgarded all of them to firmware.
    Just over a year ago, my Egreat R6S Pro started not turning on. This became a frequent problem and now it just will not turn on at all!
    I have tried resetting it. Tried to reflash it but can't because it will not turn on boot up.
    Please help me with this! I have bought a newer 4K type media player but I just don't like it - I like my Egreat R6S Pro!
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