[New] A11BD_RS232_C4_EN_Firmware_20181102_v1.3.0.9.rar(2018-11-02)

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    I. info
    MD5: 9F9B8701F5221C09173E566AA97ECE6D

    II.Firmware forced refresh/recovery system please click here

    III. Changelog

    MusicPlayer: Upgrade Music Player V2.0
    MusicPlayer: Open the music file with the new music player
    VideoPlayer: Add selected online subtitle file can be saved in Video file directory
    VideoPlayer: Support third party video app playback by Egreat player
    VideoPlayer: Fix some M2TS movies playback problem
    VideoPlayer: Fix the black screen problem of some UHD BD Menu
    Poster: Fix the issue of sorting by file date
    Poster: Fix An abnormal problem may occur in repairing the path of the poster wall
    Poster Wall: Update Poster Wall refresh mechanism
    Poster Wall: Optimizing the problem of missing local paths after playing
    UI:New multimedia center theme style
    UI:New multimedia center style entrance replacement function
    Setting:Add theme style switching function
    Setting: Adding Setting-General-Set Boot Mode, which can be set to enter poster wall mode etc automatically after boot
    Setting: Add modify the confirmation prompt for switching resolution
    System: Cancel ‘Optimizing APK’ when boot, to speed the boot
    System: Add press the power button to pop up the shutdown and restart selection box

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