New Egreat A5BD_EN_Firmware_20170221_v1.1.0.9.rar Beta (2017-02-21)

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  1. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Note: Egreat A5 EN firmware includes "Release" version and "Beta" version,
    "Release" version firmware will be updated per month, you can download it click here
    "Beta" version firmware will be updated per week, which is only for some enthusiasts who like to test some new problems and solved problems in advanced.

    Egreat A5BD_EN_Firmware_20170221_v1.1.0.9.rar Beta

    I. info
    Firmware name A5BD_EN_Firmware_20170221_v1.1.0.9.rar
    Size: 653584389 bytes
    Updating Time: 21st, Feb 2017 Tuesday, at 9:35:13 a.m
    MD5: 48BC69F2FAF6D65045B0D6C7E7C8D0EB

    II. Recovery the firmware instructions
    1.If your current firmware is v1.0.1.3, please force to recovery V1.1.0.7 firmware by USB and then update to V1.1.0.9 beta firmware.
    2.If your current firmware is v1.0.1.5, please force to recovery V1.1.0.7 firmware by OTA and then update to V1.1.0.9 beta firmware.
    3. You also can force to recovery the new V1.1.0.9 beta firmware directly, the force to recovery new version firmware instruction, please click here.


    ROM: + 1.6.9
    1.Poster-wall: New poster analysis engine
    2.Poster-wall: Optimized poster wall load speed and Improve the display recognition rate
    3.Poster-wall: Add DVD icon
    4.Poster-wall: Improved text selected state display
    5.Poster-wall:Folder containing .nomedia files will be automatically filtered
    6.Player: Added support MVC 3D MKV format playback

    7.Player: Added support DivX 5 format playback
    8.Player: Added subtitle and OSD 3D depth adjustment
    9.Player: Added auto playback function when power on(For videos in autoplay file of local play)
    10.Player: Optimized buffering problem in network (Samba,NFS) playback
    11.Player: Resolved some format video and audio out of sync problem
    12.Player: Optimized the playback fluency when "Auto frame rate switch" is off
    13.Player: Changed the tip position of 'volume setting is prohibited in passthrough mode'
    14.Player: Solved lagging or stutter in some DTS-HD audio format
    15.System: Fix Samba/NFS copy speed from PC to Egreat A5/A10
    16.System: Support copy files over 1G from MAC or Linux system to A5/A10 shared folder
    17.System: Revised some OSD language translation
    18.System: Only standard IP address can be added in network share address

    * Thanks so much for all Egreat fans and users, especially @OlivierQC @akanit @andre-asb @Ceaca @Ozora Nukung @worachai @Movie78 @Jatapong @E_CS @DDenisA @vandalski @wut123 @Surachai @Telu @stefano nacci @ovimaxy @Black @Zach Braff @Foei @vierrabe @Zach Braff @sweetdon @ScHiZoPhReNi @andys@sfx2denis @tlee , thanks for all of your supports, Egreat will keep moving and do the best for all of you guys. ;)
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  2. andre-asb

    andre-asb New Member

    Thank you!
  3. repir

    repir New Member

    multichannel LPCM? Wait...?
  4. Ozora Nukung

    Ozora Nukung New Member

    Thank you for release beta firmware, FOr this version Did u fix player for DTS half bitrate yet? Thank
  5. Surachai

    Surachai New Member

    14.Player: Solved lagging or stutter in some DTS-HD audio format --> I hope this will solve DTS Half Bitrate too :)
  6. vandalski

    vandalski New Member

    But what about Dolby Atmos problems, reported by @OlivierQC ?!
  7. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    This not intend to fix stutter DTS FULL/Half Bitrate on specific situation on mkv container, problems of stutter DTS FULL/Half Bitrate still present for me on some mkv.
  8. oxanna

    oxanna New Member

    dolby atmos is ok for me.
  9. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    This problem is still under processing, when it is solved, we will list it in our next Beta version firmware. thanks. :)
  10. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Hello oxanna,

    You do not have that problem :

    Thanks to Movie78.
    The Atmos Test tone is miss playing the surround right, the sound is coming from both Front Right and Surround Right.


    i will test again this week end

    see you
  11. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Active Member

    Hello All,

    oxanna is right,

    the dolby atmos works properly with the Egreat A5 and A10.

    in fact, it was the Demo Disc atmos 2016 who had a problem.

    i used Demo disc Atmos 2015 and everythings works

    i downloaded the Test Tone Atmos 5.1.2 on the site Dolby and it is works properly.

    sorry for the inconvenience

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  12. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for OlivierQC.
  13. Movie78

    Movie78 Member

    I also verify the ATMOS TEST TONE issue is not coming from the player but the AVR that i am using.
  14. Ceaca

    Ceaca Member

    There are problems with keeping the last scene seen in a movie, it is starts with other previous records on the wall movies.
  15. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Ceaca, can you provide the images to show us the problem? Thanks.
  16. wut123

    wut123 New Member

    I often use change poster movie when it mismatch by press menu -->edit and input new name after that press confirm

    Egreat A5 will inquery new name for selection but now it all show chinese language as pic. below but previous version inquery English language.

  17. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

    This know problems with BETA v1.1.0.9, Egreat R&D Team will fixed on next f/w release.
  18. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    @wut123, could you send us the log of this problem to us? So that we can solve this. Please kindly get the log as this below link instruction.(you can PM me, thanks)
  19. Ceaca

    Ceaca Member

    Would be good more settings for subtitles, the space between letters, more fonts , real bold font ....
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  20. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Will give this suggestion to R&D team. :)

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