[New Release]A10BD_EN_Firmware_20181101_v1.3.0.9.rar (2018-11-01 v1.3.0.9)

Discussion in 'Egreat A10 Firmware' started by Rita, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Nice Monkey

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    PQ for DVD did not change with this or other recent beta FW updates. Never liked it to be honest as I was used to my Eminent EM7385 and Pioneer LX-55 BD/DVD players. Has nothing to do with other PQ formats as it is more related to not doing de-interlacing for DVD as it should.
  2. Eric The Viking

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    OK Thanks I wonder can you clear a point for Me please does these Media players ( Which I know you have Many :) ) are they as good in picture quality as a good Blu Ray player I ask this because I only brought my Egreat player for the covence of choosing my films from the TV/ Projector screen rather than looking along bending over upon rows and rows of films along a shelf. And now at the tender age of 69 my back is playing back a bit or should I go back to the bluray player. Many Thanks PS I bdo not need Menu @all just straight into film if that helps in anyway
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  3. Nice Monkey

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    I can compare with Pioneer BD-LX55 and Philips BDP7500-mkII BD/DVD/CD-players which were high-end for those companies when sold.
    PQ on those is almost the same as for both Egreat and Zidoo when playing BD or 3D-BD. They don't do UHD obviously and DVD PQ is far better; specifically Pioneer BD-LX55 does a nice job there (has a special additional chip for that).

    Zidoo in turn is considerable better than Egreat for DVD specifically as it does include de-interlacing combined with PQ up-scaling. This is close to on par with my Philips BDP7500-mkII.

    Frankly everyday this is becoming less relevant for me as my DVD collection has almost been replaced by BD's (remastered sources often too). For sure almost all my crown jewel DVD's have been replaced by now. Used to have different HDD collections for DVD, BD, 3D-BD and UHD but merged these half a year ago (not practical anymore).
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  4. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I should of said I have like you been replacing my DVDs with bluray so would you say not much difference between the Egreat and Zidoo players and a middle of the road say £200_£300 bluray player picture wise I also own Pioneer BDP LX71 When I brought that it was priced @£2,000 which could take over the dvd roll which I do not have many left now as like you replacing them with Blu Rays. Mostly now I have silent and early Films from the 20s 30s EG Laurel & Hardy etc Which would use the Ponner for. So for top Picture Quality the way read it nice Monkey would you stick with Ereat ( If they get there act together) or cut my losses and go with the Zidoo Z10
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  5. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member


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  6. Sanjay

    Sanjay Member

    Over a year gone and VC-1 files still won't play. How can something that worked fine earlier, be so hard to fix? One can only presume that there is no real desire to fix it.
  7. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    Still waiting Egreat on the above reply with regards to a new fix on the Poster issue, with latest Firmware Upgrade (v1.3.0.9).
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  8. Plutointhesky

    Plutointhesky New Member

    Unbelievable what makes egreat here with its customers. For a device that costs 250 euros, I expect support and not a shit.
  9. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I have tried emailing Egreat , PM Rita, & Richard and tried on face book as well again but still no reply from any of them at all. There something happening out there This is the 3d time I have tried
  10. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    Looks like they don't give a Monkeys. Again they have had there money and it now looks like they are going to push out any old shite. Again wish the F**k I could have my money back for this so called shit system and even shitty firmware. Might even cut my lost and see how much I can get on Ebay for this shit, then put money towards this and invest in a system (Zidoo X20) that is tried and tested, and actually works, then F**k Egreat off altogether. If Egreat can't even be bothered to message there customers back in regards to WTF is going on (only when it suits them to say "General Guidelines in public forum, things you should avoid") well doesn't this show you what sort of company we are dealing with in regards to Egreat. Again Egreat NOT so GREAT are you.
  11. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    The site I bought this shit system from (www.futeko.com) now only sells Egreat A5 and 2 Remote Controls it doesn't sell any other Egreat crap. So doesn't this show you how Egreat are now turning out to be.
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  12. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    A Miracle has happened I got a reply from Egreat Tech this is what they said "Why others have not had problem with V1 309 after upgrade to 309 then go to Settings-General- Clear User Data I replied that they should read there own forums and see how many there are complaining Here is there Email if you want it Support@egreatworld.com
  13. jolum

    jolum New Member

    I must be one of the lucky ones, in that my poster wall has all my films showing with this update, before it would only show half of them, and it seems to remember them, they show up as soon as i turn the machine on, this did not happen straight away after the last update, only as i added more films to the sata drive. The other improvements are welcome as well, i like the new films now copying logo, or whatever its called, it stands out more, which i like.

    I am one of the main pains in the backside for egreat, so credit where it is due, right now this seems a very good update. Lets hope the big update we are all waiting for is not too far away.
  14. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    After No Response from anyone from Egreat, I took a leaf out of "Eric The Viking" and sent the Support Team an email, using the email address that "Eric The Viking" had left. Sure enough they replied, but all I got back from them was have I tried this solution, to what I had put in the email that I 1st sent them YES along with Factory Reset. Anyway this is the email I had received from them, which to me, looks and feels like a boat load of shite. Anyway lets see if they get back to me and lets see what sort of garbage they ask me to do now. Wait and see. Email sent to me Below..............


    I’ve Pressed [1] Settings, then Pressed [2] General, then Scrolled Down to [3] Data Reset, and then Pressed [4] Confirm.

    This has done nothing apart from Wipe my Poster Wall Clean. I’ve had to Switch Off my Egreat Box then Switch this back on, when going to Video and ALL it again is Now only Showing 220 Movies in the ALL Poster File, the rest are Under “Unclassified” which is over 800 Movies. Also when I download a New Movie File and Drag this over to the Egreat Box, the File goes strait to “Unclassified” even though the File has the Correct Name, I have to Edit the File Name from the Egreat Box and then it will go to the ALL part of the Poster Wall, it will then Show the Poster of the Movie File.

    I Don’t and infact should NOT have to do this with every File that is being sent over to the Egreat Box and everything should NOT be Classed as “Unclassified”, this did NOT or ever happen until the New Firmware Update (v1.3.0.9).

    Again I have tried ALL of your work arounds to try to have this Fixed with No Prevail. Why has this happened and what are you (Egreat) going to do to Fix this? I am NOT at all happen with this, and because of this will NO LONGER be purchasing anymore of Egreat Products, or will NO LONGER be telling Family or Friends to Purchase any of your Products.

    This Needs to be SORTED out and FIXED As Soon As Possible with a Newer Firmware Update, as again this Problem has only occurred from the Last and Latest Firmware Update (v1.3.0.9). And looking at your Forum Site, I’m NOT the only person to have this Problem with this Latest Firmware Update.

    You also as a Company, should be looking at your Forum Site, and let us your Customer who have ALL paid a hell of a lot of money to purchase your (what I would now class as crap merchandise) Egreat Boxes, what is going on with the Problems we are having with this Latest Firmware Update. And more to the point “What are you going to do to Fix this”.

    I look forward to your response to this email, as soon as possible.

    Regards John.

    From: 外贸部售后
    Sent: 09 November 2018 09:59
    To: jonny Beee
    Subject: 回复:[New Release]A10BD_EN_Firmware_20181101_v1.3.0.9.rar (2018-11-01 v1.3.0.9)

    Dear customer,

    After you upgrade the firmware, then Setting-General-Clear user data, and then see whether is it okay.

    Yours faithfully

    Egreat Team



    发送时间:2018年11月9日(星期五) 02:47

    收件人:外贸部售后 <Support@egreatworld.com>

    主 题:[New Release]A10BD_EN_Firmware_20181101_v1.3.0.9.rar (2018-11-01 v1.3.0.9)

    I just upgraded my firmware.
    There are 2 serious issues for poster wall
    1. Every time when I reboot the device, it needs to load ALL data again and it takes very long time, this issue happens in last firmware update and the new update does not rectify it.
    2. A lot of movie poster cannot be loaded and just put under ‘unclassified’

    Video - Has only showed 12 movies in All (Poster) , Everything else which is a little over 1000 movies have been put under Unclassified and everyone of them is showing a BLANK POSTER in Unclassified. What is going on with this NEW Firmware Update. Ended up Clearing Data and also did a Factory Reset, to no prevail. Also is constantly Loading Poster, with No Effect. Again what is going on, you Trust that these Firmware Updates have been fully tested before letting this out for everyone to Update. Everything was working OK (just the odd movie would be unclassified, which I didn’t mind changing, as this only took a few seconds to correct) but when your talking over 1000 movies being classed as unclassified, this has to be something to do with Egreat’s Latest Firmware Upgrade (v1.3.0.9) and I’m NOT the only one to complain with regards to this issue and the v1.3.0.9 upgrade. Take a look at your “Egreat A10 Firmware Forum” I’ve also left quite a few posts on there in regards to this hole shambles of what Egreat is calling a New Firmware Update, and to date have NOT had a reply from Egreat in regards to this). Not at all happy with this. This needs to be sorted out ASAP Egreat.

    1st of all Egreat needs to reply to everyone who has posted a post on the Egreat Forum. Egreat A10 Firmware [New Release], and apologise for not replying to this issue.

    2nd Egreat needs to post a Newer Firmware Update that over exceeds the latest update (v1.3.0.9), and making sure that this update sorts the issues with Poster.

    3rd Egreat needs to keep an eye on there Forum and more to the point there Customers, as if it wasn’t for us (customers) there would be no Egreat.

    Egreat you have totally let me down with the way, this hole issue has or should I say hasn’t been sort out. I use to consider Egreat the best out there when it came to there media players and there firmware updates, I also use to push your products onto family and friends, which I will no longer be doing, in fact will be turning people away from your products in future, now just wish I hadn’t even had bought your system now (wish I had saved a few extra pounds up and went for the more reliable product in the form of Zidoo X20. If this issue with the Poster isn’t sorted out very soon, this will show me again what sort of company Egreat is, and what future updates are going to be pushed upon us. I look forward to your reply with regards to this issue, which I will be also posting on your forum site to let everyone see. Regards John.
  15. darksider

    darksider New Member

    after this update A5 no longer plays videos in DVD format, can you please fix it?
  16. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    Well just Down Graded to Firmware v1.2.9.0 which was the Firmware I was using before I Upgraded to (v1.3.0.9). Now on the Latest Firmware Update (v1.3.0.9), it buggered up ALL of my Posters, would just keep on Loading and put 98% of my Movies in Unclassified. Before I Upgraded to the Latest Firmware (v1.3.0.9), which I was using "Firmware v1.2.5.6" the Poster Wall was working just fine (maybe 1 out of say 100 movies would go to unclassified, which was easy to correct), NOW that I've managed to Down Grade the Firmware back to what I was using before the Latest Firmware Update (which I'm now back on Firmware v1.2.9.0) the Poster Wall is STILL the same as it was with the Latest Firmware (v1.3.0.9), it is still putting 98% of a Collection of over 1000 movies under Unclassified, I've did Data Cleansing after Downgrading, I've even taken ALL the Hard Drives out of the A10 and STILL about 98% of them go to Unclassified, which for the love of me can't understand, as on this Firmware v1.2.9.0 the Poster Wall was working Just Fine. Well I've finally just given up, with this machine, the main reason I bought this A10 was for the Poster Wall, and now that it isn't working, will just bite the bullet and put up with it, until either Egreat pull there fingers from out of there backsides (which I'm not holding my breath for), or until I can rake up the money to buy the Zidoo X20.

    I just can't understand how something to me can be working just fine to even great, than by doing a Firmware Update (which my A10 was telling me to do) put this machine all to pot, then by reverting back to the original firmware that was working just fine can no longer correct the problems that the Latest firmware Update (v1.3.0.9) can plague this machine with. The mind boggles.............

    Well we'll just have to wait and see.
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  17. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Active Member

    @Jonnybee70 You are forgetting PosterWall scrubbing is a Client <=> Server thing not just a local application. If the database/server side changes then things may change completely regarding search results. Also multiple sources may be used under water (added and deleted). The same for online subtitles lookup, which by the way changed in a positive sense with this FW (more subtitles found).

    There are also legal/financial aspects to this by the way being a reason to change resources. Next some servers/paths may have been blocked in some parts of the Internet for similar reasons. The WWW is nice and powerful but also a real jungle these days. Once you have a good result, back-up your stuff for a restore which always is needed these days I am afraid.

    For me Poster Walls / Music Walls never worked as I am using a large bunch of HDD's which get connected one by one when desired. The Poster information should be installed locally per HDD to make it work for me. This is what I do with external subtitles since many years.

    @darksider For sure DVD's do play on my A10.
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  18. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    Well finally I've managed to sort this out, by myself without the HELP from Egreat. Anyway managed to "Down Grade to Firmware v1.2.9.0" (to where everything was working just fine before the New and Latest Firmware Update V1.3.0.9 had totally messed things up in Poster Wall). The same thing was happening even after Down Grading to Firmware v1.2.9.0 the Poster Wall was doing the same as it was in the New and Latest Firmware Update V1.3.0.9, I then decided to go into the A10 via my PC, and in the PC clicked on the file .vidon and then deleted everything that had today's date (12/11/2018), I did this for 3 different Hard Drives, and low and behold everyone (which was just over 1000 files went to where they were suppose to go to) [ALL, COLLECTION, TV SERIES, 4K], apart from 20 files went to Unclassified where I had to edited the names but as soon as I did this they went to where they suppose to go to.

    So by deleting the today's date files in the .vidon this has once and for all sorted this problem out. Have just switched my A10 off in stand by, and switched it back on and everything is still where it should be. Great thanks for nothing Egreat, and a BIG pat on my own back.

    So if anyone out there is having the same problem with there Poster, revert back to Firmware v1.2.9.0 and then once on Firmware v1.2.9.0 go into your PC where the A10 is, look for the file .vidon click this and then delete the latest date file in data2. Hope this helps.
  19. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    If your still having problems with the Latest Firmware Update (V1.3.0.9) try this, it has worked for me.

    Revert back to Firmware v1.2.9.0 and then once on Firmware v1.2.9.0 go into your PC where the A10 is, look for the file .vidon click this and then delete the latest date file in data2. Hope this helps.
  20. Jonnybee70

    Jonnybee70 Member

    If your still having problems with the Latest Firmware Update (V1.3.0.9) try this, it has worked for me.

    Revert back to Firmware v1.2.9.0 and then once on Firmware v1.2.9.0 go into your PC where the A10 is, look for the file .vidon click this and then delete the latest date file in data2. Hope this helps.

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