[New Release] A11BD_EN_Firmware_20180426_v1.2.9.0.rar(2018-04-26 v1.2.9.0)

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  1. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Note: Egreat A11 EN firmware includes "Release" version and "Beta" version,
    "Release" version firmware that you can download it click here
    "Beta" version firmware is only for some enthusiasts who like to test some new problems and solved problems in advanced.


    I. info
    MD5: F05528ED7D268303CFFCD33CEA911016

    II.Firmware upgrade instruction

    This version firmware has three ways to update, user data won’t be wiped.

    1. OTA Update Setting--About--OTA Update
    2. USB Update, please click here.
    3. Forced refresh/recovery system, please click here.


    Player: Fix player crash issue when select charaters in some UHD Blu-ray Movies menu
    Player: Fix some UHD Blu-ray Movies menu zoom out
    Player: Fix some UHD Blu-ray Movies menu mess
    Player: Newly add 2.35:1, 2.21:1, 2.40:1 aspect ratio supported
    Player: Optimize forward and pause playback interface
    Poster-Wall: Fix episode poster not display
    Poster-Wall: Change poster scrape service port and improve posters scrape
    Poster-Wall: Fix poster flag no display
    Poster-Wall: Correct Game of Thrones, etc posters
    System: Fix playback stutter issue cased by Wi-Fi
    System: Fix the solution back to 1080P after reboot when solution is 4K
    Sytem: Fix Deep color back to YCbCr420 8Bit after reboot when Deep color is YCbCr420 10bit
    System: Fix player and AVR power-on sequence cased by Audio&Video splitting
    System: Optimize Audio&Video splitting compatibility
    System: Change Ethernet and Wi-Fi working mode, when connect Ethernet, Wi-Fi will be off automatically
    System: Fix sometimes NAS can’t visit and can’t put in account, password issue
    System: Add Portuguese OSD
    Setting: Optimize Wi-Fi setting interface, add On/Off options
    Setting: Optimize frame zoom function, can be adjusted by four sides
    Setting: The front LED shows clock when it is screen saver mode
    Setting: The default selection button is "Cancal" after switch solution
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  2. E_CS

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  3. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Thank you
  4. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Hey! woohoo! do I see a zoom function in the list? or is that not the same as the zoom function we asked for? is that just for setting the viewing area?
    If it is a proper zoom, how do we operate it please?
  5. akanit

    akanit Member

    We need zoom x, y / same as R200s.
  6. rozel

    rozel Member

    Thank you for this
  7. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Isn't it lovely to just be totally ignored :(
  8. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    It is a May day holiday In China and its a big thing over there as they are Communist state and everything closes down They will be back tomorrow though
  9. E_CS

    E_CS Well-Known Member

  10. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Not on holiday now though are they, or for the last four days
  11. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hello @wedgehog , the zoom function can adjust the frame, it is not what u want to have?
  12. ConnecTED

    ConnecTED New Member


    This firmware release is still suffering from wrong static metadata output to any connected HDR10 display.

    For HDR10 movies, its not passing the complete HDR10 static metadata to the connected displays.

    It's passing correctly the Mastering Display Color Volume (Primaries/White Point cordinates + Min/Max Mastering monitor nits) but not sending any Content Metadata, which is:
    Maximum Content Light Level (MaxCLL) + Maximum Frame-Average Light Level (MaxFALL)

    You will need an HD Fury Vertex (or Linker/Intergral) devices which grab the HDR10 infoframe, and connected it between the Egreat and an HDR10 display.

    Find a content in media file where the MediaInfo utility reports that it has a specific MaxCLL / MaxFALL and playback it from the Egreat, you will see that Egreat is sending zeros to any movie MaxCLL/MaxFALL and not the correct movie infoframe for content metadata.
  13. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    Ahh! there you are :) Hi Rita, did you have a nice holiday?
    Hmm ok, but you're working on it right? :(
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  14. @Rita any news on android 7 beta or any news about anything really thanks darren .ps keep up the good work egreat
  15. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Darren, regarding Android 7, please follow it on the Android 7 thread topic. The thing can be confirmed is that Android 7 will come.
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  16. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    So you mean that your HDR 10 movie info can't be showed correctly? All movies? Any one has the sample problem?
  17. Rita

    Rita Administrator Staff Member

    Hi wedgehog, yes, we work here. Regarding the zoom function, which can't work right for you?
  18. ConnecTED

    ConnecTED New Member

    Hi Rita,

    All HDR10 movies transfer via HDMI 2.0a a static metadata to the connected display.

    The Egreat is ending zeros for any movie MaxCLL and MaxFALL.

    See that list with metadata per movie, if you have any of these titles.. and you connect a Metadata grabber device between Egreat - TV like an HD Fury product, you will see the problem: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15pPvBMCjJogKxt4jau4UI_yp7sxOVPIccob6fRe85_A/edit?usp=sharing
  19. ConnecTED

    ConnecTED New Member

    Egreat don't have capability to display to OSD menu any MaxCLL or MaxFALL number.

    The problem is related to the output signal of Egreat.

    If you don't have any Metadata Grabber device its impossible to spot the problem. (from consumer side)

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