[New Release] A11BD_EN_Firmware_20180426_v1.2.9.0.rar(2018-04-26 v1.2.9.0)

Discussion in 'Egreat A11 Firmware' started by Rita, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Markas

    Markas Member

    yes thanks work ,,dolby atmos,,
  2. Markas

    Markas Member

    v1.2.9.1 sometimes turn off from usb hard drive , sometimes no , only agreat shut down , but from usb hard drive no , still running , good finware after 2 yer , recomendet ;
  3. woto

    woto New Member

    Hi Rita

    Just wondering if you are going to implement the zoom feature at some point, that's when watching a film the picture can be zoomed in to reduce the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen
  4. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    that feature was never mentionned by egreat nor by any user...so it is safe to say that NO it won't be done.
    With all the android 7 + kodi 18 topic..those upgrades are now much more interesting
  5. depmesh

    depmesh Active Member

    Just play with the ratio setting. However, you should know that the picture will look disproportionate with what you are asking or you would loose a great amount of the picture if you had the option you are asking for.
  6. All very quite on here are we dead in the water come on Rita throw us some crumbs at least . please
  7. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I had a message from Rita should be upgraded in software by the end of the week but I think it will a update on Android 5 Please see below I think it will be long time before we on Egreat will see Android 7 I think they want to ting about with 5 for the time being . If ever late next year before we see Android 7 and that will be the Beta version No 3
    RitaAdministratorStaff Member
    dear, we are fixing them, will release new firmware within this week, thanks.
  8. Saberus

    Saberus Member

    Yeah, think it's just to fix the bugs from the last one like poster wall, The A11 is not delivering the quality I was expecting, like the HDR bug.

    So I'm voting with my wallet and moving on to another product. I'm sure they will get to android 7 at some point, but I must move on.
  9. Well that's some news , I can wait for the android 7 update just for it to fix the black bar problem but the immediate problem needs to be fixed the poster wall drives me mad
  10. Saberus

    Saberus Member

    The fix came out OTA this morning, poster wall seems to been fixed
  11. Martin

    Martin Member

    Thnx I will checked it later, but Im (negative) surprised that the upadate isnt available on this forum by Egreat.
  12. Eric The Viking

    Eric The Viking Active Member

    I will wait and see if there are any faults Saberus have you found any other Problems
  13. wedgehog

    wedgehog Member

    I have mentioned it
  14. Yep downloaded update last night and yes the poster wall seems to be fixed and the player to me seems quicker/snappier in operation in the poster wall .strange that no official news on it get the feeling there going to drop news on a new player with android 7 with all the whistles and bells on it .
  15. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    At least issues were fixed...but as of now.. We all want android 7 final.. It has been far too long

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