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    Note: Egreat A11 EN firmware includes "Release" version and "Beta" version,
    "Release" version firmware that you can download it click here
    "Beta" version firmware is only for some enthusiasts who like to test some new problems and solved problems in advanced.


    I. info
    MD5: AAB92597E041308EB73D03793D1478CC

    II.Firmware upgrade instruction

    This version firmware has three ways to update, user data won’t be wiped.

    1. OTA Update Setting--About--OTA Update
    2. USB Update, please click here.
    3. Forced refresh/recovery system, please click here.


    v1.5.1.0 / v2.5.1.0 update list
    Key update:
    1. Significantly increase the boot speed;
    2. Solve the problem of unable to start and shut down normally;
    3. You can choose to use poster wall V3.0 or V2.0 (default V3.0);
    4. The poster wall V3.0 function is greatly upgraded;
    5. Can close the firmware upgrade prompt;
    6. Added central control status feedback.

    Detailed update points:
    1. Poster wall V3: Added online subtitle function.
    2. Poster wall V3: Added the function of displaying all storage devices first in the file display mode.
    3. Poster wall V3: Added the option to display files or poster walls first.
    4. Poster wall V3: Added search function.
    5. Poster wall V3: Added record search history function.
    6. Poster wall V3: Added the confirmation for deleting videos or posters.
    7. Poster wall V3: Added automatic filtering of files containing sample in the file name.
    8. Poster wall V3: Fixed the issue that the eighth season of "Game of Thrones" would not be stacked.
    9. Poster wall V3: Fixed the problem that classification may not be accessible after custom classification.
    10. Settings: Settings-> New poster wall version selection during playback.
    11. Settings: Added "Do not prompt firmware online upgrade" switch in Settings-> About.
    12. Settings: Added "Memory Play" switch in Settings-> Play.
    13. System: Fix the problem that the standby indicator does not light after shutdown.
    14. System: Fix the problem that the system fails to start normally due to failure to shut down.
    15, system: optimization: greatly speed up the boot.
    16. System: After using "Memory Clean Up", the poster wall v3.0 posters are not displayed.
    17. System: Fix the issue of customizing no picture in background
    18. Intelligent control: adapt to the state feedback of the control, play, pause, stop, etc in AIKS system
    19.Built-in applications updated to the latest version
  2. andrej657

    andrej657 New Member

    So nice event but when an Android 7 will come &? Sincerely
  3. MNegron

    MNegron New Member

    This new update doesn't work correctly, When i choose Poster 3.0, and use Samba, its in the Chinese language. It also does not allow me to go to the next button to continue adding credentials. I have to revert to Poster 2.0. Also, i factory reset, same. Will this be fixed soon?
  4. Markas

    Markas Member

    when turn off agreat a11 ,sometimes still work external hard drive not shut down - when hard drive not shut down egreat red light not come red stanby ( remote control not work ) , need turn off power , and egreat light back to red stanby ;
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  5. andrej657

    andrej657 New Member

    so true. it being regulary
  6. Markas

    Markas Member

    if egreat fix 10 bit i am happy , only show 8 bit
  7. trung nguyen

    trung nguyen New Member

    I also have this error, the red light does not show up when shutdown
  8. Markas

    Markas Member

    yes same , need turn off power of agreat and light back on , 10bit too no work , tv new model of sony oled m show only egreat 8bit , not imposobal make 10 bit
  9. i've solved all my A11 problems ,i've thrown it in the bin and replaced it with a zidoo z10 . problems solved:):p:D
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  10. rozel

    rozel Member

    I just got the Zidoo Z1000 Pro and have complemented it with an HDfury AVR Key and a 10tb internal hdd. Haven't rigged it all up yet as I've just been in hospital and recovering from heart surgery but my initial viewing, after switching it on a couple of weeks ago and going through the initial setup screens was very positive. I turned on my A11, which is sitting alongside it and soon found my titles on the A11's internal hdd. It's early days as the initial firmware has, apparently, some flaws and so am debating whether to upgrade to a beta firmware or wait for the official OTA one. Although I haven't explored much yet, its OS is Android 9 and the forums seem alive with fault rectivation and updated firmwares. The HDfury is to split the Audio and Video as my AVR isn't HDR10 + compatible and my new Samsung TV (QE75Q950R) isn't yet eARC equipped yet (even if it was, I'm told it won't pass some of the DTS formats through), so I can view HDR10 + titles with HD sound (my current holy grail). But at some future date I will be looking forward to watching 8k titles :)

    I'm keeping my A11 though but going to use it for other purposes, mainly my ever increasing digital Photo collection, once the doubtless teething issues I shall experience have been overcome.
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  11. Surachai

    Surachai New Member

    Any new FW ?

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