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Discussion in 'Egreat A5 Firmware' started by Rita, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. RayCouzens

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    I finally managed to do a little more testing after my post below. My results are that I am still seeing stuttering. What initially fooled me is that when playing a DVD ISO that always stuttered badly in a known section of the film no longer does so. However, on trying a few other titles I am still seeing the stutter in various sections of the video and therefore still disappointed. I cannot determine if the listed fix of:

    "System: Fix playback stutter issue cased by Wi-Fi"

    has made any difference to how I use the A5.

    I have also re-tested the playback of Big Buck Bunny 4k video I downloaded from http://4kmedia.org/big-buck-bunny-4k-demo/ and the audio is still several seconds behind the video. Has anybody else noticed this?
    Perhaps it's a problem with 4K MP4 files or just how this particular film was encoded?

    . . .

    I need to confirm my initial impression, but just have not had the time because of recent events in my life. However, I did notice this comment in the fixes:

    System: Fix playback stutter issue cased by Wi-Fi

    I am not sure if this is referring to the DVD stuttering or not. But then I wonder why it does not affect the playback of Blue-rays, MKV's etc. I only briefly tested with a title which I knew stuttered badly but did not watch the whole video, so cannot yet be sure if I am seeing a real improvement. Maybe this Wi-Fi induced stutter was the cause, I do not know.

    As said in the original post I need to test more.
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  2. nenito2k

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    @Rita can you give us info about the post above? is this true? is it an impression ?
  3. Eric The Viking

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    What is Going on with Egreat nenito ??? they do not seem to be answering customers Q or reply to E mails do you think The worst I know it was Mayday Holiday last week but even before that they where not replying to any Q I have even looked on face book nothing ???
  4. nenito2k

    nenito2k Well-Known Member

    @Eric The Viking true that egreat is not on this forum as before....BUT they READ all that is happening, and know what we think. Probably they will become active once android 7 come out...as well they have nothing to add i guess....and there is no MAJOR bug that prevents the machine from working ATM.
  5. Eric The Viking

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    What about the power off/ on Problem mate that loads of people are having with the remote turning the box on and off I even sent them a email no reply I always think the worst off everything:(o_O
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    Yesterday i've upgrade to new fw.
    I've a issue with egreat movies scraper. I don't see movie's cast anymore (my language is italian).
    It's a bug?

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