[New Release]A8BD_EN_Firmware_20180426_v1.2.9.0.rar (2018-04-26 v1.2.9.0)

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    Note: Egreat A8 EN firmware includes "Release" version and "Beta" version,
    "Release" version firmware that you can download it by OTA or forum directly.
    "Beta" version firmware is only for some enthusiasts who like to test some new problems and solved problems in advanced.


    I. info
    MD5: 8720D0FB4F8426EF12AC13DDCBB4B79E

    II.Firmware upgrade instruction

    This version firmware has three ways to update, user data won’t be wiped.

    1. OTA Update, Setting--About--OTA Update
    2. USB Update, please click here.
    3. Forced refresh/recovery system, please click here.

    III. Changeling

    Player: Newly add 2.35:1, 2.21:1, 2.40:1 aspect ratio supported
    Player: Optimize forward and pause playback interface
    Poster-Wall: Fix episode poster not display
    Poster-Wall: Change poster scrape service port and improve posters scrape
    Poster-Wall: Fix poster flag no display
    Poster-Wall: Correct Game of Thrones, etc posters
    System: Fix playback stutter issue cased by Wi-Fi
    System: Fix the solution back to 1080P after reboot when solution is 4K
    System: Fix Deep color back to YCbCr420 8Bit after reboot when Deep color is YCbCr420 10bit
    System: Change Ethernet and Wi-Fi working mode, when connect Ethernet, Wi-Fi will be off automatically
    System: Fix sometimes NAS can’t visit and can’t put in account, password issue
    System: Add Portuguese OSD
    Setting: Optimize Wi-Fi setting interface, add On/Off options
    Setting: Optimize frame zoom function, can be adjusted by four sides
    Setting: The front LED shows clock when it is screen saver mode
    Setting: The default selection button is "Cancal" after switch solution
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