[ New Release ] A8BD_EN_Firmware_20190124_v1.3.1.6.rar

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    Note: Egreat A8 EN firmware includes "Release" version and "Beta" version,
    "Release" version firmware that you can download it by OTA or forum directly.
    "Beta" version firmware is only for some enthusiasts who like to test some new problems and solved problems in advanced.


    I. info
    MD5: F6129637760F45D34E85F79DF9E24960

    II.Firmware upgrade instruction

    This version firmware has three ways to update, user data won’t be wiped.

    1. OTA Update, Setting--About--OTA Update
    2. USB Update, please click here.
    3. Forced refresh/recovery system, please click here.

    III. Changelog
    PosterWall: update the mechanism of Poster Wall refresh.
    MusicPlayer: Update to Music Player Version 2.0, add support for DSD music playing.
    MusicPlayer: Fix the problem that some music file formats can't play.
    MusicPlayer: The new music player interface can also enter the file browsing mode to select music file playback.
    MusicPlayer: Fix the problem that some U-disk music players can't load music files.
    VideoPlayer: Supporting third-party applications to browse and play video files can choose to call Egreat Player for playback.
    System: Change some APP pre-installation methods.
    System: The new firmware of intelligent central control can feedback the state serial command function when the infrared remote controller is playing.
    System: The English version updates the Google suite to the latest version.
    APP: Update the broadcast screen to the latest channel version.
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    Does not download on my Egreat A8 OTA or Via USB Stick

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