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Discussion in 'A11 Enthusiast 4K UHD HDR Blu-ray HDD Media Player' started by OlivierQC, Sep 6, 2017.

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    @Markas Do you seriously expect to get anywhere when you write such garbage on a forum such as this? I suggest the Moderator considers banning you. I mean one minute you say everything is fine and the next you slag off Egreat. People on here are extremely helpful if you ask politely. Sorry but you are really irritating me on here.
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  2. Kerim

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    I have problem . I have 4k tv and suppport 10 bit, I conected sony receiver str-dn 1080 and which is support RGB 10 bit and support hdr. I connected A11 player to receiver and I set up A11 “4k 30 hz and deep color RGB 10 bit” and was ok, no problem, after new update every time turned on to player deep color shows 8 bit rgb or ybcr 8 bit or ybcr 10 bit etc. I am trying to set up RGB 10 bit , get messape no support, cable is ok I am using same cable for ps4 pro and no problem, what is the solution for that?
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    Try another setting.. As rbg is not necessary on a tv anyway
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  5. Kerim

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    I installed plex and ı just get 2.0 pcm sound via my receiver, 4 k movies can not play A11, 1080 p movies can play but sound comes 2.o not dolby. I tried plex apple tv 4K and played 4k and dolby d sound without any convert, 1080p movies no problem get dolby d sound. What is the solution play 4k movies without convert and play 1080p movies dolby d sound A11.
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    Try a factory reset or do a factory re-install FW. A11 plays just fine with all DD/DTS sound formats including Atmos with 1080P or 4K. Also BD Menu processing is the best there is.

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