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    Transmission Remote GUI Installation

    Search keyword of “Transmission Remote GUI” then download and perform a default installation.

    PS: Transmission Remote Gui hereafter called “TR GUI”, Transmission called “TR”.

    A. TR GUI setting.

    1. Connect with TR in media player.

    Click Torrent - Connect To Transmission - New connection


    Input the IP address of media player into “Remote host” (check IP from “setting - general - Wi-Fi/Ethernet”)


    Click “OK”, Normally the version number of TR will be showed in the bottom left Corner of TR GUI(Media player FW Version:, TR version: 2.4.2, we will make upgrade accordingly in future) If it can’t connect, pls make sure your IP address is correct, media player powered on, and the transmissions setting opened in media player.


    2. Download default setting

    Click “option” in toolba, open option dialog box

    Set the default file download address(the default”/sdcard/Downloads”), inpurt the address according to your own device connection

    See the device name in all files of homepage, e.g.


    Search the device of “Android_XXXXXX” in network place of the PC, share file is the path of storage in device


    Input “/mnt/sda/sda1 ” in path for this device.

    Switch to “Network(WAN)”, if you want to download the resources from PT site, pls un-check “open DHT”, and if download BT torrent, pls check “open DHT”


    “traffic” it is used for controlling the download and upload speed of all torrents, adjust by yourself.


    “Queue” set the number of tasks to download and upload at the same time, keep the default in general. Suggestion: un-check the last option when download from PT site


    B. Download resources

    After setting, click “open” in toolbar, see the torrent file that had been download (*.torrent file), Open “add new torrent ” dialog


    Make sure again the location on your disk for the file, and you also can change a new location manually, or select the location you’ve already input previously. Finally click “confirm” then go into download process

    C. The above tutorial is very primary one, there are many other skills and rules about PT/BT download. Pls have a careful look at the rules of download and seed from PT site before you start to download.

    * This tutorial only help users to know how to use transmission function in media player correctly, no any resources for download and seed. Pls search for them yourself. Thanks.

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    transmission ab normal
  3. kotk62

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    When I try to make a new connection on PC(windows xp-brandmauer and antivirus is "off" ) in transmission remote gui,l have a message:"connection refused"(IP address is correct,transmission is "on" in settings of media player)Please,help!
    And when I try open web interface of transmission in browser on my iPad and enter ip-address and port( :"Network error"
  4. akanit

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    [quote = "kotk62 โพสต์: 3506 สมาชิก: 548"] เมื่อฉันพยายามที่จะทำให้การเชื่อมต่อใหม่บนเครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์ (Windows XP-brandmauer และโปรแกรมป้องกันไวรัสคือ "ปิด") ในการส่ง GUI ระยะไกล, L มีข้อความ: การเชื่อมต่อ "ปฏิเสธ "(ที่อยู่ IP ถูกต้องส่ง 'กับ' ในการตั้งค่าของผู้เล่นสื่อ) กรุณาช่วย!
    และเมื่อฉันพยายามที่อินเตอร์เฟซเว็บที่เปิดของการส่งผ่านในเบราว์เซอร์บน iPad ของฉันและป้อนที่อยู่ IP และพอร์ต ( ข้อผิดพลาด "เครือข่าย" [/ quote]

    It does not work.
  5. Patrick

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    It does not work. I am using egreat A10, with the newest firmware V1.2.3.0. I could connect to the transmission from the web browser or the remote GUI. I could add the torrent file but it will stop because of the below error message "Unable to save resume file: No such file or directory".

    It seems that the egreat a10 system did not grant the permission for the transmission service to create directory or files on its mount points. Please fix it. Thanks.
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  6. Olegs Jeskovs

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  7. Jizbo

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    Not working :-(

    Get message “Connection refused"

    Egreat Transmission = ON
    IP address = correct
    Windows 10
    Wifi connection

    Some support of Ereat team would be great , as more users have this issue (see previous posts)

    Thx Jiz
  8. Dimitrij

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    Please, give the request to the developers.
    Update Transmission to the latest version(2.92).
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    transmistion it ok

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  11. Olegs Jeskovs

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    Dear eGreat support team. Could you please eventually solve the problem with insufficient file system permissions for built-in Transmission application. All Transmission system folders are read only! Therefore the Transmission application is not able to change and save its own settings (settings.json). As a result you can not apply changes for download location (it remains folder on SDCard) and change it for example to external HDD. This is well known problem and it really makes this very good device (from technical point of view) into a mediocre media player with limited usage.

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